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Version 2.1 is out

Mon 12, June 2006 22:21:21

As promised, here’s a new version of vSlider. Amazingly, it actually contains all the features I planned for! ;)
In a nutshell, here’s what’s new:

  • Internationalization support
  • Widgets support
  • Safari support for KBurnalizer (and don’t get me started on Safari… weird stuff…)
  • A few extra things

I’ve also updated the standard KBurnalizer library and the Gallery2 module to include the Safari fix.

So, go on to my Cool Stuff page and check them out.

And a big thanks to three people that helped making this latest version possible: dr3w, Mike and Simon. Thanks guys!

Big Announcement x3

Tue 11, April 2006 22:41:06

Finally! After a long, long wait, I managed to finish the new version of vSlider.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… vSlider 2.0! (5 stars for originality on the name :))

vSlider 2.0

This new version is ready for the very latest versions of WordPress and Gallery2, so it should solve the problems of everybody who is having problems since they decided to upgrade. It also has a lot of new features, including an administration page for the theme.

In fact, this is a triple announcement, since there are in fact three new entries for my cool stuff page:

KBurnalizer is a fun project that I started a few months back when I was tinkering with the idea of making a slideshow in a web page using the Ken Burns effect, with nothing but JavaScript and CSS. Well, I proved it’s possible. I was rather pleased with the results, so I ended up making a Gallery2 module for it and using it on vSlider itself (see the new fading header on top? That’s not Flash ;))

Anyway, check out all the new toys (there’s quite a lot of them at one time), and let me know what you think. As usual, feedback is welcome on any problems you might find.