Cool stuff

Here you can find some goodies for download. These can be projects, experiments or just fun stuff that I’ve worked on and that I can share with everyone.

If you are looking for really old versions, check out the archives.

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[...] I’ve installed the Gallery 2 script and WPG2 plugin to manage it, but haven’t uploaded any images yet to see if it is all working ….. [...]

FJT wrote a comment on Tue 29, November 2005

man this theme is realy amazing thxxxxxxx
but how do i use Weather thing??
plz do reply

once again thx for a realy nice theme

Rui wrote a comment on Tue 29, November 2005

FJT, you need to download and install the WeatherIcon plugin. You can get it from here:
The vSlider theme is prepared to use it without any custom coding. You will probably want to change your location though - check the plugin documentation for the correct file to do that.
Hope this helps.

FJT wrote a comment on Wed 30, November 2005

yep working :D

Milty wrote a comment on Thu 1, December 2005

Is there a way to put a rss link after each category name? example:

Be Human (rss) (1)

When you click on rss it will start a feed only for Be Human.

Great theme!

Rui wrote a comment on Thu 1, December 2005

Yes, Milty, there is. On the theme folder of vSlider, open the sidebar.html file. Look for this line:

php list_cats(true, ”, ‘name’, ‘asc’, ”, true, false, true, true, true, true, 0, ”,false,”,”,”,true)

and change it to:

php list_cats(true, ”, ‘name’, ‘asc’, ”, true, false, true, true, true, true, 0, ”,false,’rss’,”,”,true)

That should do it.
And now that you mention this, I’m considering of making it a standard out-of-the-box feature of vSlider. Thanks for the tip!

dante wrote a comment on Wed 14, December 2005

Just wanted to say Thanks for the very very cool theme and for the wpg2 theme!

your style is very clean and useful!

Lucifer wrote a comment on Mon 26, December 2005

Hello, I’m a blogger from China.
Thanks for your wonderful theme, and I’ve changed a little bit of it for my own blog… just some color actually. However, I think you could think about adding a color changer or sth.

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 2, January 2006

Hi guys, thanks for compliments! :)
A color changer?… hmm… well, it’s not really in my priority list ;)
Maybe in the future, who knows?

Milty wrote a comment on Mon 2, January 2006

I added a couple items to your theme. You can head over to it to see them in action. Go to my projects page to see the list of items. Thanks Rui for a great theme!

dreamstate wrote a comment on Tue 3, January 2006

Would it be too much to ask for a Wordpress2 version? Or is it ready for WP2? :D


Torsten Brumm wrote a comment on Tue 3, January 2006

I have installed it under wp2 and it’s working fine.

Many thanks for this great theme!

A small Question: What have you done to get the different Header Images?

Mike wrote a comment on Thu 12, January 2006

I’ve been playing with the colours of the theme too…I’m testing a black background, the only thing I can’t quite sort is the CSS for the navigation links just under the header image. Obviously, with a dark background the blue links are not light enough, I would like to make the links white with a grey hover. Should be simple right? I’ve tried defining the link/hover attributes in the .nav class in style_header.css, but they’re still inheriting the link attributes from the main style.css….I’m sure this is dead simple for the CSS wizards but I can’t for the life of me get this to work.

Also, could I please make a request to revisit the issue in Safari of the Gallery dropdown DHTML nav menu showing behind the pics? I would love to go live with my site with the really cool nav system Rui wrote but most of my target viewers are Safari users…

Thanks again for such a slick theme!

Mike wrote a comment on Thu 12, January 2006

Oops on further digging it’s evident that the issue with the DHTML menu is somewhere in the “albumselect” module, which is not part of vSlider per se, but a module of Gallery…

Henrik Buchwald wrote a comment on Thu 19, January 2006

I get this error:

Warning: main(): Unable to access randomHeader.html in /home/sv_sonnerasmussendk/csr-nyt/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

Warning: main(randomHeader.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sv_sonnerasmussendk/csr-nyt/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

Warning: main(): Unable to access randomHeader.html in /home/sv_sonnerasmussendk/csr-nyt/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

Warning: main(randomHeader.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sv_sonnerasmussendk/csr-nyt/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘randomHeader.html’ (include_path=”) in /home/sv_sonnerasmussendk/csr-nyt/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

In line 32 is:

Please help


Henrik Buchwald wrote a comment on Thu 19, January 2006

In line 32 is:

Henrik Buchwald wrote a comment on Thu 19, January 2006

I cant post line 32.

Giles wrote a comment on Mon 23, January 2006

hi .. i am just starting to customise your theme a little bit for my site … i like it a lot very clean ..

one question as of now though … is it possible to make all but the first post colapsed ? that would be awesome .. would be nice to have an option somewhere to do it real easily.

will ask more questions i am sure … back to playing with it ;)

Kent wrote a comment on Wed 25, January 2006

This is a fantastic them and really nails what I am after… unfortunately at the moment though, I am having problems with the Shadow effect? It doesn’t appear in thumbnails in my blog postings and it does appear in the embedded G2 view (under “Photos”) but the shadow is the wrong width.

Any thing obvious that I am missing?

[...] As many of other bloggers, I am a faithful user of Wordpress. And among all the photo managing tools I choose Gallery. I have been using this combination since a year ago I started blogging. It has been a lot of work to get everything running smoothly, and integrete Gallery into Wordpress. Recently, my host Dreamhost has just provided a new goodie to install Gallery2 with only one click. Also, a new tool called WPG2 has been developed to make Galery 2 seamlessly works with Wordpress. The story not ends here, most excitingly, I found a perfect theme for me, Vslider. I love its simple, clean look, well it can be improved with a little colour, maybe it is the next thing I do. So welcome to my new release, my “casts” are, Dreamhost, Wordpress, Gallery 2, WPG2, and big thanks to the developers, who make blogging such a pleasant experience. [...]

Michael wrote a comment on Fri 3, February 2006

thx for your great theme for wp and gallery2. I will use them for my blog.
I checked your style with XHTML W3C Validator and had some failures at the wp theme.
Maybe you want to fix them for your theme to get a XHTML W3C Validation ;)

With your Gallery2 theme it is just possible to use Gallery2 with the WPG2 Plugin, because the table-style does not work correctly with standalone Gallery2 ;(

but anyway - great themes and maybe you have time to fix the themes.

Nnyan wrote a comment on Fri 3, February 2006

Any guides on changing this to be a dark (black) theme?

steven may wrote a comment on Sun 5, February 2006

I just wanted to say that your plugin is great and it worked perfectly! Thanks a bunch!

sipakv wrote a comment on Tue 14, February 2006

Great template. I was looking for a way to integrate my blog and my photos. You provided it !
Thanks a bunch !

Nick wrote a comment on Fri 17, February 2006

I agree with others, this is a very good simple, clean, professional looking theme. However, I just went through the install and found a few minor bugs with capitalization. In the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/vSlider) I had to rename three files:
pagepostbottom.html to pagePostBottom.html
pagepostmiddle.html to pagePostMiddle.html
pageposttop.html to pagePostTop.html

and also when you uncompress the folder it comes out as vslider vs vSlider. There is one file file I had to update as well. This is for the gallery vSlider.

Also, how does the randomization work for the header image? Looks very nice and I want to implement that but i couldn’t find directions.

Thank you for the themes though, great job.


forian wrote a comment on Sun 19, February 2006

im from germany and i have just finished the installation of your wp theme and wpg2 theme, too. Im 18y old (i have birthday today) and im very interested in working with pcs, too. I want to say thx for the great theme, i do really enjoy it. have a look at my side,

Tom Nickels wrote a comment on Mon 20, February 2006


thanks for the great theme. I have a little problem with the header. My WP ist installed in … as soon as ‘I am clicking on “Photos” it is linking me to instead of….sidebar works fine….the embedded path is validated…any idea what could be wrong?? Thanks in advance


klout wrote a comment on Mon 27, February 2006


Just installed your plugin, excellent theme…

regards from the UK


TTiSoB wrote a comment on Mon 6, March 2006


Great theme! Using it now at our new blog about our emigration plans to Crete.

But I also would like to ask you about the changing header images? How did you do that?

Best Regards,


Matt K wrote a comment on Wed 22, March 2006

I’m getting the same problem as Tom Nickels (3 posts up). Does anyone find a solution?


Cornelis wrote a comment on Thu 30, March 2006


I like your images of Madurodam ;-)
I have a question about installing gallery 2. As you I am using Wordpress and I have installed the WPG2 plugin. However, I can’t get the gallery installation to work. I seem to get stuck on step 5 (I use DreamHost as well). Step 5 gives me this message: Access denied for user ‘corlin’@'′ to database ‘Data’

I have checked my password, host name db name, everything. Any tips on this that could help me out?

Thanks, Cornelis

Jay wrote a comment on Sat 8, April 2006

Hey Rui! Thanks so much for making the PERFECT WP Theme! I’m using it for my blog I have about my two young children. It’s very nice and clean, but stylish and not boring. Powerful yet easy to install.

Now since I’m not much of a code writer, I’m hoping that you plan on adding the new WP Widget code to your sidebar.

Thanks for such a great contribution to the community.
Toronto, Canada

bulldozen wrote a comment on Mon 10, April 2006

Hi Rui, i like both themes so much, but im just trying to use vslider gallery2 theme but it is incompatible with gallery2 2.1.
Are you interested in update the theme?


Sridhar wrote a comment on Tue 25, April 2006

bulldozen: The theme works just fine w/ Gallery2 2.1. You can check my site for a working example. (click on my name)

Mannie wrote a comment on Sat 29, April 2006

First of all thanks for this very slick template. Works very well for me. Untill now hehe well sorta, i want to insert phpclick counter from

I am puzzled by the part that should go between the

oneandhalf computing wrote a comment on Thu 18, May 2006

just want to say thank you for the effort you have put down to develop this wire stauff. : )

Jeff Kopp wrote a comment on Wed 28, June 2006

Is there a multi-layered header template PSD file available for download that can make it easier for custom image replacement? In other words, a Photoshop file that one can view the border as a separate layer covering up the photo and logo that appears inside the rounded-corner box?


mark wrote a comment on Sat 8, July 2006


Really beautiful theme integration. I’ve been using a highly customized PGtheme, but may switch to get the WordPress thing tid in nicely.

My current floating tree menu has several sub-albums and therefore the width of this layer I made wider in the PGtheme and would liek to do in this theme.

Do you see any unusual complication if I wanted to place the right-side column on the left, and make this column and the whole width fo the template wider?

Thanks /m

Fred wrote a comment on Mon 24, July 2006

In some ie 6 browsers the script stalls.. it keepssaying in the bottom line “(2 items over) Bezig met downloaden van afbeelding: …….”
On the same laptop my ie browser has no problem, my wife in her environment has the problem mentioned above. IE settings problem??

Fred wrote a comment on Mon 24, July 2006

In some ie 6 browsers the script stalls.. it keepssaying in the bottom line “(2 items over) Bezig met downloaden van afbeelding: …….”
On the same laptop my ie browser has no problem, my wife in her environment has the problem mentioned above. IE settings problem??

Jeremy wrote a comment on Mon 4, September 2006

Love the theme!

I have added a second sidebar on the left side. I call it leftbar in all the appropriate .html and .css files.

Trouble is… everything I do results in a perfect mirror of the original sidebar.

Any idea how I might be able to reslove that?

Thanks for a FANTASTIC Theme! Keep up the good work!


Tim wrote a comment on Tue 17, October 2006

Any chance of a blank template for the header so I can add my own images? Been playing in photoshop (so pref .psd) and have only so far come up with images with crinkly edges!

SILENCE wrote a comment on Wed 18, October 2006

I agree with Tim’s suggestion above, if possible, could Rui release the .psd file or others so that we can make our header image easier and precisely.

to Kent:
about the shadow effect, you have to select this effect (actually it’s kinda frame) in the Gallery2 admin panel.

Thanks to Rui’s theme again :)

marcus wrote a comment on Sun 22, October 2006

Hi - anyone know how to block certain albums from the psedorandom image? I’ve created an album that is password protected, but the thumbnails are showing up in the sidebar! :)

Benjamin wrote a comment on Fri 3, November 2006

Hello - Awesome theme - thanks!!

I’m about to knock myself out trying to figure out which file to add more “nav links” like list here just under the header.

Also how to get the nice layout of adsense at the bottom (I have the plugin listed on this site)

If anyone would like, I’ve made a template for the header that you may want to use… if anyone asks for it, I’ll clean it up abit - you can check out my version on my link above (I think)

I really need to figure out the issue…

Katherine wrote a comment on Thu 9, November 2006

I am very new to this blogging thing and unfortunately rather technically inept!!

I do however love this theme and would like to instal it on my wordpress blog. please could some one give me an idiots blow by blow guide? I will be very grateful. thank you.

Glenn Sakamoto wrote a comment on Tue 28, November 2006

The best theme I’ve seen so far and very user friendly. Thank you for sharing this awesome theme to us.

JM wrote a comment on Mon 11, December 2006

I was literally pleased ! This template is exactly what I wanted and needed.
I’M not that good with the coding stuff, and I still was able to manage, somehow, a french version of it.
(The only thing I couldn’t change is the language on the «submit» button in the comment area. Don’t know how to do it…)
Thanks. A lot.
JM, from Quebec, Canada.

Bill wrote a comment on Mon 18, December 2006

i have tried several times to ftp this to my site, and when i try to select the theme from my site, is says i am missing a style sheet.

Bill wrote a comment on Mon 18, December 2006

i got it to work, but when i add images to the headers folder, they don’t seem to do that slideshow thing… any ideas?

Jingles wrote a comment on Fri 29, December 2006

I installed everything….correctly I think…when I click on photos it takes me to gallery but the text is way to small and I don’t need to sidebar.

I looked on the embedded site where I got your theme from and tried to do what they said….edit a couple files but could not find the text to change it….just having a hard time. :(

Basically I want it to look like yours. :) anyway, I can’t seem to find what needs to be changed.

could you help me out….this is all new to me.

thanks in advance!

Jingles wrote a comment on Wed 3, January 2007

I figured it out. :)

Thanks for the great theme.

Joe wrote a comment on Sun 21, January 2007

RUI, this theme is way COOL! My suggestion though would be a dedicated INSTALLATION for the vSlider WPG2. I installed it on my gallery but I’m having a hard time looking for instructions on making the header work as a slide show… There are also people finding the solutions to their problems but they don’t post it.

Anyhow, more power to you.

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 21, January 2007

Joe, I’m not sure I understand you… What do you mean by a dedicated installation for WPG2?

As for the header working as a slide show, do you mean rotating through random images like it does in WordPress? If that’s what you are talking about, that wasn’t possible because of some limitations in KBurnalizer. Actually, with the new 2.0 version that I released recently, now it’s easier, but I have to release a new version of vSlider for that, which I’m currently thinking of…

Website Design Bolton Manchester wrote a comment on Wed 25, July 2007

Excellent Plugin, definately recommend this


Thomas R Bailey wrote a comment on Thu 26, July 2007

Nice theme but it’s horribly slow. I’ll give it a shot and see how it works for me.

Maybe profiling the header would help. I suspect it’s a refresh tag that’s probably banging your system almost to death :) 10 hits a minute # number of pages loaded?

Anyway, LOOKS very nice.

New York Limousine wrote a comment on Thu 27, September 2007

I looked through at least 50 themes and I rate yours the best. Great job, smooth colors, smooth lines, very user friendly.


Best of luck on creating v.4

Henrik Buchwald wrote a comment on Sat 29, September 2007


Is vSlider3 ready for WP2.3?

PWS wrote a comment on Sun 28, October 2007

Theme looks great - thanks.

Oleksa wrote a comment on Sat 1, December 2007

Cool theme, works great with WG2! One issue however. After embeding gallery into Wordpress adding photographs from Windows XP option disappears. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

Morten wrote a comment on Mon 21, January 2008

WAUW this theme looks great - thumbs up

Philly Limo wrote a comment on Fri 2, May 2008

Very nice theme. Keep up good work.

[...] why is this all happening, well I want to use a Wordpress & Gallery themes SliderV3. I’ve been working on this issue now for 1 week, lets hope that it well not that another. [...]

Hey, It Was An Empty Page » More Apache mod_rewrite sent a pingback on Fri 20, June 2008

[...] from the someone on the Gallery forums web site. Now this still does not solve the problem with Rui’s Slider V3 themes. I’ll continue to work on that. But I’ve had not feed back from the theme creator as of [...]

Martin wrote a comment on Sat 12, July 2008


it seems like there is a little problem with the round corner rendering in FF 3.0. The corners of the inner shape are displayed as round corners but when the picture fades in the corners of the picture overlay the shape corners instead of the other way around.


Website update | VanDerVen.Net & sent a pingback on Mon 22, September 2008

[...] vSlider 3.2 WordPress / Gallery2 Theme [...]

Kelly wrote a comment on Wed 12, November 2008

I KNOW this is a dumb question… but…
Once I have installed the g2 theme and the theme for wp, how do I upload images, and make albums for G2?
Also, I have added the burnalize module… It installed fine but I don’t see how to get the slide shows up.

Thanks so much!!!!

Kelly wrote a comment on Wed 12, November 2008

Ahh… I found it. Add pictures by going to the photos page, then click on the small triangle next to “search” box.
The Kburnalizer setup is found by going to wp admin page, then Design tab- then VSlider Theme Options subtab- then Header…

You REALLY have done and EXCELLENT job on this theme!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Juan wrote a comment on Sun 28, December 2008

Is it possible to get the Windows Publishing Wizard with the vSlider 3 theme for Gallery2?

Thanks! - Rui Pereira Blog » I’m back! sent a pingback on Sun 12, April 2009

[...] let me just say that I’m still amazed on how many people are using the “cool stuff“… there are now hundreds of blogs out there (maybe thousands???) using vSlider, and even [...]

Jean-Claude wrote a comment on Fri 10, July 2009

Hi Rui, You can add an other fan to your list! I just discovered your themes a couple of days ago , it’s fantastic. As a newbie it took me less than a week to developed a nice project for my Photo-club.
May I ask you a newbie question ? Yesterday, I discovered Shadowbox which allows to show also web pages.
Is there a way to transform your embedded lightbox support into a shadow box support ?
Thanks again for all of this !

vibram wrote a comment on Fri 23, October 2009

Great theme ! thanks a lot to iRui.
BTW, anybody can tell me which module should I use for click the photo to popup a dynamic window to display the photos just like your site ?

Sensor wrote a comment on Fri 29, January 2010

Hi Rui!

First of all - thank you for all you effort on creating such a great theme!

Unfortunately, I have an issue with Safari and Chrome browser (I tested this on Windows7 and Mac, on several stations and, what could be more interesting, I have this issue on your site too).

My site config is up to date - i.e. latest vSlider for WP and WPG installed, latest WP, latest G2 and wp-lightbox plugin.

Let suppose you have two images - one portrait and one landscape images on your website (it does not matter where - in the WP post or right in the Gallery)

Click on the landscape image - the lightbox will show up and everything is perfect. Press next in the lightbox - the lightbox will resize and show the portrait image - however the image will be larger than the lightbox canvas.

Lets start over - refresh browser.
Open the portrait image first. Everything is find. Now clic Prev in the lightbox - the landscape image will appear in the lightbox, but the image will be much smaller than the lightbox canvas.

As soon as you first time entered the page and clicked image, seem like lightbox is saving resize settings and hold them until you refresh browser again. E.g. open portrait, click Prev to get to landscape, close lightbox, click landscape again - landscape in lightbox is much smaller than canvas…

I’m absolutely not sure where is the issue - so probably it is in the wp-lightbox WP pluging… But I really wonder that seems I’m the only who encountered this issue…

I will appreciate if you will take a look or at least confirm that this issue does not reproduce in Safari on this site…

Thank you very much!

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