vSlider 2 for Gallery2

This is an outdated version of vSlider. Version 3 is available here.

Download: vSlider-WPG2.zip

This is the companion theme of vSlider 2.0 for Gallery2 2.1+. It’s a revised version of the first vSlider for Gallery2.

Like many people, I like the combination of WordPress + Gallery2 for blogging and photo management, and I wanted to have a completely seamless visual experience between the two. Since I created vSlider 2.0 for WP, I felt compelled to create this add-on too. You can see this theme in action on my photos page.

Some highlights

  • Same visual experience as vSlider – great for anyone looking for one single theme for both environments.
  • Optimized for a narrow layout.
  • The sidebar never uses up any of your precious space. It slides down and overlays with transparency. All you screen real-estate can be used for the important things… like… umm… photos!
  • Same cool looking sliding effects, used for album descriptions (you only see them if you really want to), and for the sidebar.
  • Fancy transparency effects.
  • Tested on IE6, FireFox 1.0+ and Opera 8.5. Transparencies don’t work in Opera, this is a known limitation of this browser.

New in this version

  • Updated for Gallery2 2.1 (Blackjack).
  • Includes the KBurnalizerG2 module already built-in.
  • A few small visual changes and fixes


This theme requires version 2.0 of the WPG2 plugin (to integrate WP and G2) and the original vSlider 2.0 theme for WordPress to be installed and active.
This theme is not meant to be used stand alone in Gallery2! If you do it, it will look ugly and it will be unusable.

Also, this theme includes the KBurnalizerG2 module for Gallery2. It should be installed and activated in the Module administration page for the nice slideshow button to work (near the Search area).


  1. Download the theme file.
  2. Unzip the contents to your \gallery2 folder (note that it’s not the “themes” folder, but just “gallery2”).
  3. Install and activate the KBurnalizerG2 module in the Modules page.
  4. Install and activate the theme in the Admin options of Gallery2.
  5. Make sure you have the WPG2 2.0 plugin installed in WordPress
  6. In the WP administration panel, go to WPG2 -> Embedded Page Options. Copy-paste these blocks of HTML:

    Simple Header

    <style type="text/css">
    .g2_column {margin: 0px 4px 0px 4px;width: 754px;}
    <div class="g2_column">

    Simple Footer

  7. You should now have a “Photos” option in the header main menu – just click on it and check it out.


This theme (like everything else on this site) is available under a Creative Commons License (in short, you can do whatever you want with it, as long as you give me credit for the original work).
There is a lot of time and effort put into making this. So, if you do use it, then I strongly encourage you to visit my donate page, and show your appreciation ;).

79 Responses to “vSlider 2 for Gallery2”

Jos wrote a comment on Wed 12, April 2006

Thanks a lot for the update!

One problem: my ‘photo’ link under the header refers to my root instead of to the wordpress/wp-gallery2.html. How can I fix this?

Rui wrote a comment on Wed 12, April 2006

Hi Jos. Try this: edit the header.html file of vSlider 2 and on line 112 replace

href="/<?php echo $g2_option['g2_embed']; ?>"


href="<?php echo $g2_option['g2_embeduri']; ?>"

Let me know if this works for you.

Mike wrote a comment on Wed 12, April 2006

First of all thank you Rui! You are wonderful!


Second, my solution for Jos’s problem is:

Edit the header.html file of vSlider 2 and on line 112 replace




Worked great for me!


Mike wrote a comment on Wed 12, April 2006

Sorry my URLs got thrashed when I posted.

The solution is the same as what Rui posted, but you have to put “wp-gallery2.html” in place of the removed “/”.


Michael wrote a comment on Wed 12, April 2006

I had the same problem like Jos and the code from Rui solved it.
THX again ;)


t-om wrote a comment on Thu 13, April 2006

I had the same gallery link problem in the Wordpress theme. Rui’s fix fixed it. Works great in every way. Thanks!

But vSlider2 Gallery2 theme looks really messed up. Something must be wrong with my installation. The font size is really large and everything overlaps each other.

Mike wrote a comment on Thu 13, April 2006

Well my solution actually caused problems for me. After re-reading Rui’s solution I saw I missed other changes on that line.

My apologies please disregard my posts (or remove them).


Jordan wrote a comment on Sun 16, April 2006

Hi Rui! Great theme!

One thing, after upgrading and tweaking for v2, I cannot seem to get my gallery pages to have the same rotating header as the wordpress/blog pages have.

Is this by design? Or is there a simple fix to get the gallery pages to also have the rotating header.

Many thanks,

Jordan wrote a comment on Mon 17, April 2006

Hello again,

One other thing I just noticed on a friend’s PC is that the cycling header doesn’t appear at all in Safari. Wasn’t sure if that was a known issue or something in my setup, but the original non-cycling header (that currently appears on my gallery pages - see above comment) is fine, just the non cycling one freezes.

Still love the theme, the best I’ve seen!


Thijsie's Blog sent a trackback on Thu 20, April 2006

Update klaar…

Het duurde dan wel wat langer dan verwacht, maar nu is alles weer terug, beter dan ooit. Het zou nu dus ook allemaal veel sneller moeten werken, maar dat mogen jullie zelf beoordelen. De weblog zelf heeft nu ook een nieuwe skin. Ook al is hij maar een …

Jeremy wrote a comment on Thu 20, April 2006

Hi Rui,

Just downloaded vS2 for WP/G2. Awesome work! This is the highest quality theme I’ve seen.

Question… have you done any work on the WPG2 side that brings the admin functions back into Gallery? In my particular application the ability to add/edit Albums & Items thru WP is mandatory. Thanks and again… awesome, awesome stuff!

Jeremy wrote a comment on Fri 21, April 2006

So… disregard the question in my previous comment. I realized the functions I was asking about were being supressed by me having WP & G2 in separate databases, not by the theme. Sloppy me.

Thanks again for great effort. There are a lot of talented people in the world when it comes to programming code, writing web goodies, etc., but only few have the talent to blend form and function so harmoniously.

Thijs Haenen wrote a comment on Fri 21, April 2006

Thanks for the nice theme, I’ve updated as my blog pinged ^, but I have a question. Is there a way to reinclude the regular slideshow links, instead of the kBurnalizer one? Just the regular slideshow, and the Java applet. Maybe an option in the G2 admin?

Gizmobug wrote a comment on Wed 26, April 2006

I must have missed the requirement to have WP and G2 in the same DB. I have them in different ones and things seem to work fine. What “functions” are being suppressed, Jeremy?

The only issue that I seem to have found (and it may be just me???) is that I cannot “easily” get to the “site admin” link via the menu drop down (slide down?). I was able to get to it once but I cannot remember the steps that I took to get there.

Fantastic themes, btw!

Jeremy wrote a comment on Mon 1, May 2006

Gizmobug, the “functions” were simply the ability to add & edit albums & items. My problem was that the WPG2 plugin was not passing user data to Gallery.

Garrett wrote a comment on Tue 2, May 2006

Great theme! I’ve got gallery2 and wordpress running in different databases, everything seems to work great except for the random image on the sidebar. It’s linked to some crazy jumble of my site, auto-generated links, and then the gallery link. I already changed my header.html on line 112 to get the photo link to work. Where do I change the link of the random image?

Garrett wrote a comment on Tue 2, May 2006

Narrowed down the problem…when I click on the image I’m getting the following as a link:
url/wordpress/wp-gallery2.html/blah blah blah

I need to get rid of the /wordpress because I can manually delete it and the whole thing works like a charm.
Now I just need to make some header images.
Thanks again!

Kieren wrote a comment on Thu 4, May 2006

Thank-you for a fantastic theme.

I was just wondering if you could help with one small issue for me please?

The “Photos” link appears as it should but points to http://localhost/wp-gallery2.html rather than my website URL - http://kieren.demon.co.uk/

This is my first attempt at setting up a home server / blog / gallery & am stuck on this part.



Gizmobug wrote a comment on Thu 4, May 2006

Jeremy, how did you get it to work with the plugin? I’m still having issues.

JO'B wrote a comment on Thu 4, May 2006

Just realized that my previous post was for an older version of vSlider. Here is what I’d written.

“Great theme. It is really well put together. I ended up switching from Connections (which we really liked) because you had better WP2 & G2 integration.

I have one issue which I can’t figure out how to resolve. On the photos page (http://www.theobriens.ca/wp-gallery2.html) I am getting a J shaped frame that doesn’t lineup beside the image. I’ve checked each of the albums and they don’t have a frame set

I’ve flushed all the appropriate areas in G2 and have rebuilt all the thumbnails. Is this part of the template? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Kieren wrote a comment on Thu 4, May 2006

Thank-you for a gorgeous WP / Gallery2 theme.

I have managed to set it up & get it working on my home server all at localhost. I had the problem with “Photos” pointing to my root directory & the instructions above fixed that & the website displays perfectly.

The thing is, when I went live I can’t seem to get the Photos link to to point to the WWW address - it still points to localhost - all other links work fine.

I’m new to setting up servers & html / css etc so don’t know how to fix this. Any help would be most welcome



Mike wrote a comment on Fri 5, May 2006


I’ve got a strange problem, that I’m hoping to can shed some light on. The links for “Home” and “Photos” are not being created. I’ve put in your simple header, but I’m not sure what else to check. Is
there any way to create them manually?

Thanks in advance.

Francy wrote a comment on Sat 6, May 2006

Hi, how to enable view counter of albums and photos?

Matt wrote a comment on Mon 8, May 2006


Is there anyway of showing whether a gallery has been updated or has new items? Since putting the new version onto my site my visitors can no longer see this information.

Matt wrote a comment on Mon 8, May 2006

Also, when I slide the side-menu down in gallery my tree browser doesn’t look anything like yours. Mines a mess! :) Does anything need to be configured elsewhere?

JO'B wrote a comment on Fri 12, May 2006

Has anyone changed the theme so that the photo title gets pushed into the title field? I guess an easy way would be to duplicate the header file. Anyone else got other suggestions?

oneandhalf computing wrote a comment on Thu 18, May 2006

what do you mean by putting contents to \gallery2 folder (note that it’s not the “themes” folder, but just “gallery2 ? thanks!

K wrote a comment on Sat 20, May 2006

HoW do i create the border on the image header? if i just put the image in the directory, it won’t create the border itself…
ANy idea, anyone??

Andrew wrote a comment on Sat 20, May 2006

Wow, I am really impressed with the amount of work and level of detail that you have put into both the gallery and wordpress themes. Thankyou very much for making this open and allowing other to ’steal’ your theme.

Sergio wrote a comment on Tue 23, May 2006

Hi Rui hi all,

First of all, wonderfull work you’v done !

Now also my maybe little problem, i’v installed vSlieder von WP an G2, WP working perfectly but under G2 i get an sidebox witch is moved over the blue gallery box ?
Don’t know anymore what i can do, changing the Css could not be the answer because the css is working on an other page, maybe anything with g2 wrong ?

Thx Sergio

Isaac G. wrote a comment on Sun 28, May 2006

This a great theme. However I don’t seem to have any of the admin controls available to me when I access the gallery with the theme enabled and accessing from WP.

any ideas?

angel wrote a comment on Sun 28, May 2006

hi. wonderful theme! i’ve been using it for a LOOONG time now. and i feel like testing new themes for g2. i tried installing other themes but it says: “This album is configured to use the vSlider theme, but it is either inactive, not installed, or incompatible.”

help will be much appreciated :(

Joe Helfrich wrote a comment on Mon 5, June 2006

I’m noticing a strange error when I try to install this theme; it’s telling me that no such theme exists. I think it’s a capitalization error; if I change the directory name from vslider2 to vSlider2, I at least get different errors, and I’ve had a few capitalization errors with the vSlider2 Word Press theme (but the PHP errors have made those easy to correct.)

Is there a flag I missed for unzip that should be used on my system?

Jack wrote a comment on Sat 17, June 2006

Hi Rui, thanks for sharing this theme for us ^_^

here is my problem:

(the embedded page was fine, but this page looks abnormal )

please help me


Rui wrote a comment on Sat 17, June 2006

Hi Jack,

vSlider for G2 was not designed to be used standalone. In other words, it only looks good when it’s embedded. So there’s no way to get a proper page if you go straight to main.html.

Jack wrote a comment on Sat 17, June 2006

Oh, I understand now
thanks so much for your help ^_^

But I still have some problems:


1/ I dont see the shadow of my pictures

2/ the “KBurnalize it!” and the “side down menu” appear in the wrong place

Hope you can help me

once again, thank you so much for this really cool stuff !!

Audun wrote a comment on Sat 24, June 2006

Just trying out your wp and gallery2 theme. Wonderfull.

I just have one non-technical issue… Did you use gimp or photoshop to create the header images?

Do you have any great tricks/howto to create those images? A fixed cut, a template or something?

eduo wrote a comment on Sun 25, June 2006


Just wanted to chime in. I had a different theme in Wordpress and installed in one go vslider2, vslider2 G2, kburnalizer and upgraded wpg2.

My siste took it well and everything seems to be displaying ok (although I must do some changed to the themes to include some stuff I do have).

I’ll just have to keep bugging ozgreg and bharatt to get G2 to support calling specific themes on embedded pages. My G2 installation works standalone as well as embedded in WP, and I have a lot of albums each of them having its own theme setting. While being seen in standalone mode it should the specific theme for the album but when being called by the embedded page I’d rather have it showing the predetermined theme for the embedded environment.

Paul Urfi wrote a comment on Tue 27, June 2006

Hi Rui,

Awesome work! Exactly what I was looking for. I have one question: how did you make the Gallery logo and sidebar disappear. If you look at the gallery on my site http://www.urfifamily.com/wp-gallery2.html you’ll see that I have all that extra stuff that you seem to have done away with. How do I get rid of all that extra stuff?

Thank you!


Paul Urfi wrote a comment on Tue 27, June 2006

Nevermind… I figured it out. Boy that was dumb of me ;-)

Michael wrote a comment on Wed 9, August 2006


first of all: thanks for the great theme, I love it! have a look at my site at http://www.fpress.de.

I only observed one small issue: when I open the page in firefox, not all of the three header images are shown, in fact the site tries to load the second image, then reloads the first one and finally goes to the third one. after clicking through articles for some time suddenly all the three images are there. how come ?

all the best


Marshall wrote a comment on Tue 12, September 2006

I love what you have done here. I followed the instructions however when I click on my Album to view pictures… nothing happens! I reinstalled it and the same result. http://marshallbose.com/blog Any ideas/suggestions to fix this ayone? Thanks - Marshall

Marshall wrote a comment on Tue 12, September 2006

Disabling Readwrite Module in G2 fixed it.

smooveJ wrote a comment on Sun 17, September 2006

This is great work you’ve done. Meticulously designed and well documented as well. Couldn’t ask for much more than that.

A couple of issues though - when I go to my ‘photos’ page, the gallery embed is using a font size that seems very small. How can I bump this up to normal size?

Also, it looks like it’s making room for a sidebar or another column, but there’s nothing there. Is something getting dropped, or did I configure something incorrectly?

The URL to my site is http://www.frazao.org. I’d really appreciate any light you could shed on these problems.


smooveJ wrote a comment on Sun 17, September 2006

Never mind. I am an idiot. I forgot to activate the theme in Gallery2.

jb wrote a comment on Tue 19, September 2006

Guys, I’m having a slight issue. On my photos, for some reason, I cannot get the shadow to work right. It looks terrible on the thumbnails.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

jb wrote a comment on Tue 19, September 2006

Cancel that. Found the options.

jb wrote a comment on Thu 21, September 2006

Question….how do you get the folder tree you have in your sidebar to display? I’ve tried everything, but cannot figure it out.

VS wrote a comment on Sat 30, September 2006

I’ve been pulling my hair out for quite a while now and can’t seem to figure out why when I click on my “photos” link, gallery is not coming up as being embedded and it doesn’t have the VSlider theme wrapped around it. I thought I had done everything required to get it to work but am stuck right now.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


[...] 下載 vSlider theme for Gallery2 安裝並啟用 [...]

Jon wrote a comment on Sun 29, October 2006

Does anyone know if this works fine with the new 2.0.5 of Wordpress?

SILENCE wrote a comment on Fri 3, November 2006

to Jon:
sure, theme works fine with wordpress 2.05

[...] already install this theme: vSlider2 for Gallery2 [...]

SILENCE wrote a comment on Fri 3, November 2006

I integrate Lightbox effect into this theme

if you are interested in it, please visit my website:

Brian wrote a comment on Sat 4, November 2006

wow.. I was looking at upgrading the look of my site and I love your integration with Gallery 2.0! Great Themes! Well done! I hope install on my site soon!


Brian wrote a comment on Sun 5, November 2006

I am having a problem.. when I click on the gallery album, the album is not being shown. I have uploaded the images ok.

Any ideas anyone?

Brian wrote a comment on Mon 6, November 2006

Okay, found the Answer ; Turn off the URL Rewrite Module in Gallery.

[...] 下載 vSlider theme for Gallery2 安裝並啟用 [...]

Lars wrote a comment on Mon 11, December 2006

Hello all

could someone say what I’m doing wrong. After I corrected a post my sidebar moved at the bottom.


Regards Lars

mediaman wrote a comment on Wed 27, December 2006

Hi Rui

Great Theme. Installation worked fine, but I don’t get the “Photos” link. If I try to call the page manually with wp-gallery2.html it works…

Can you help?

Jingles wrote a comment on Sat 30, December 2006

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. When I make vslider2 the default theme in gallery the text gets big and overlaps. I have installed the module and theme in the corresponding module and themes folders. I really like this theme but can’t seem to get it to work correctly.

What am I doing wrong/incorrectly?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

David wrote a comment on Sat 30, December 2006

Hiya, 1st to say a massive thank-you for your great work, I really appreciate it!

I was wondering if the comment functionality is available when using the VSlider theme. I have tried changing many of the setting in G2 but none allow the “add comment” link to appear in the gallery.

Any suggestions?



[...] Install vSlider WPG2 companion [...]

Jeff wrote a comment on Sun 28, January 2007

Please take a look at my site:


When I follow the “photos” link from my main page, I see the photo page briefly and then the entire screen appears, well, follow the link and see.

I believe I am using the correct files

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 28, January 2007

Jeff, are you sure you activated the “vSlider” theme in Gallery2, and not the “slider” theme? Yeah, I know the names are similar, but what you are seeing is the slider theme (that comes bundled with G2) taking over the entire screen :)

Jeff wrote a comment on Sun 28, January 2007


That was it. Sorry to waste your time with such a trivial request. This really is a wonderful theme!


Tracy wrote a comment on Wed 7, February 2007

I really like the theme….both the wordpress theme and the G2 plugin for the embbed.

I have one question though. I am not able to do any admin functions on the gallery in the embedded page. I have to go back to the stand alone gallery to make any album or photo edits etc…. Am I missing a setting in the theme or something to allow me to do these things from the embedded wordpress page or is this just not in the functionality of the Vslider2WPG2 plugin and theme?
I did have item actions added into the image block in the gallery admin functions for the theme.
Thanks for all your hard work and time to make the best theme out there.

Rui wrote a comment on Sat 10, February 2007

Tracy, you should see those functions in the drop down menu. You get it by pressing the small arrow down icon below the Search box.

Lele wrote a comment on Fri 23, March 2007

I ‘ve upgraded the gallery2 to version 2.2…
The problem is that the vSlider gallery theme isn’t compatible…
Are you going to create a new g-theme ?


Patrick van der Ven wrote a comment on Sun 25, March 2007


Are you going to creat a vSlider theme for Gallery 2 version 2.2?

I hope so.


Patrick van der Ven

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 26, March 2007

Hi guys,
yes, that’s definitely in my plans. I just need to get some time to take a look at the new version of Gallery and see what are the changes.

Ryan wrote a comment on Tue 27, March 2007

Great Theme, I just have one small problem. The gallery seems to be smashed in to tight instead of being the width of my blog? Any ideas?


David wrote a comment on Sat 14, April 2007

Hi, thanks a million for the great theme. Im a bit of a newbie and so not sure if it is relative to your theme but I use Vslider2.0 and have the following problem:

My blog (http://www.shanx.co.uk/wordpress) posts have somehow included themselves on all my pages. So instead of my “News” section (the blog home) being the only page with the posts, all others (My Music, Writings etc)have them too and the posts have replaced the content I want to appear of the pages. Just before this happened, I created new page called links and had tried to include the links in a new links page by itself. I have since deleted this page and the problem reamains. Also, my “photography” gallery2 page works fine.

Any help greatly appreciated,


Totally Tijn wrote a comment on Wed 25, April 2007

I love the theme! Thank you for all the time and effort you are putting on this.

I have one question. I don’t get the ‘photo’ menu at the top of the page. Any idea what goes wrong?

Jonathan wrote a comment on Thu 21, June 2007

It’s probably something I’m going my end but…
This morning, I updated Wordpress to the required 2.2.1:

and Gallery to the new 2.2.2 release

and then deleted and cleared all caches, templates etc, de-activated WPG2 plugin, deleted it from the server, and installed WPG2 v3.

It works fine EXCEPT the link to the gallery is now not showing on the front page! eg:

http://www.horseriding-dunedin.co.nz/trek/ -

but if I link directly to the Gallery: http://www.horseriding-dunedin.co.nz/trek/wp-gallery2.html

then you can see it works. I could hardcode the link into the header, but

I’m wondering if this is the vslider2 theme - http://irui.ac/cool-stuff/vslider2-g2/

although I’ve tried switching to a different theme and there’s still no link to photos

Rui wrote a comment on Thu 21, June 2007

Jonathan, it’s possible that WPG2 v3 has changed the way to detect that it’s installed. If that’s the case, all themes that rely on the old test will not show you the link.
I’m planning to take a look at v3 this week, so I’ll let you know.
But hey, it’s still in beta, so you shouldn’t be surprised that stuff breaks ;)

Jonathan wrote a comment on Thu 21, June 2007

I can sort of answer my own question!
The header file was looking for a function that doesn’t exist any more

So, I replaced (around line 109 in vslider header.html_

Jonathan wrote a comment on Thu 21, June 2007

Hi Rui! That was quick! It doesn’t seem to have posted properly, so I have posted it to the WPG2 forums here:


Care to comment?