Join us

Interested in participating? Not only you can leave your mark on the World, but your image will be viewed and clicked by potentially thousands, millions, billions! (Ok, maybe ‘billions’ is a little optimistic, but you never know…). Imagine how popular you’re going to be 8)

This is how it works:

  • All the land mass of the map (the light green area) can be covered with images. The water can’t be used because I want the continent profiles to be clearly recognizable.
  • The minimum size of an image is a 10×10 pixels square, anything smaller would be useless and almost “unclickable”.
  • The image must be composed of 10×10 squares. I don’t want to set a maximum, but be reasonable on the area that you want to cover. I’m thinking along the lines of up to 16 squares, but exceptions can be made…
  • You can provide different images for irregular shapes (so you are not limited to just plain rectangles). In this example, you can see Iceland covered with three different images to create one single block. If you don’t know how to create this type of mosaics out of your pictures, just drop me a line and I can help.

The procedure is simple:

  • Send me an email with:
      1. The URL that you want to link to (must start with http://).
      2. A name or description for the participants list and link on the map.
      3. The image files in .gif, .png or .jpg format (I recommend PNG).
      4. The coordinates on the map where you want them (in squares, not pixels). Use the Map Coordinates Finder to help you get the correct values.
  • I’ll try to update the map the quickly as I can, but it can take a while since I’m very busy most of the time :)

South Europe
Oh, and one last thing - although you can choose any available squares on the map, what would be really, really fun is to fill a single geographical area (like a state or a country) with a common group of squares. Like in this picture… It would look pretty cool, ah? 8)

Spread the Word

You encourage you to tell everyone you know about the OneWorldToSee project. You can do it in many ways, like writing about it on your blog or mentioning it to that reporter/journalist friend of yours.
I’ve also prepared some nice banners that you can display on your site, like this one:

Check this page for a few more options and sizes. It would be extremely cool to see a few of these spread around the net…