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Wed 3, October 2007 22:03:34

First of all, a big thanks to IƱigo Alonso and Lasse G. Dahl for the Spanish and Norwegian translations respectively. You can find them on the languages download pages.

I checked a bit more the newest versions of WP and WPG2.

The new WPG2 3.0 seems to be working fine with vSlider3 - the only minor problem is that WPG2 now creates a top-level page to serve as an entry point to the embedded gallery. Since the vSlider theme was already adding this link to the top navigation, now there will be two different links to the same location - not very pretty. The quickfix for this is to edit this page and change the status to “draft”, so that it doesn’t show up on the navigation (don’t delete it! WPG2 will revert to full page Gallery2 and that won’t work).

I’ve also checked the changes required to support the new native tag functionality of WP 2.3. To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with this - I think that the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin offers far more functionality, and personally I’m not ready to drop it just yet in favor of WP only. But if you really want to use it instead, here are the changes you need to make.

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