Version 2.1 is out

Mon 12, June 2006 22:21:21

As promised, here’s a new version of vSlider. Amazingly, it actually contains all the features I planned for! ;)
In a nutshell, here’s what’s new:

  • Internationalization support
  • Widgets support
  • Safari support for KBurnalizer (and don’t get me started on Safari… weird stuff…)
  • A few extra things

I’ve also updated the standard KBurnalizer library and the Gallery2 module to include the Safari fix.

So, go on to my Cool Stuff page and check them out.

And a big thanks to three people that helped making this latest version possible: dr3w, Mike and Simon. Thanks guys!

8 Responses to “Version 2.1 is out”

Michael wrote a comment on Tue 13, June 2006

Hi irui!

THX for an other great version ;) Will check it out and customize ist for my own.


dr3w wrote a comment on Wed 14, June 2006

Hey iRui, yes yes yes, great work/update. Thanks a bunch. I installed yesterday for a friend’s baby website and they were all MAC HEADS going wow.. ohhwww yeahh!!… :-) they def. enjoyed the special effects.

mctones wrote a comment on Thu 15, June 2006

Thanks for adding widget support rui!

Fantastic job.

eduo wrote a comment on Sun 25, June 2006

Hi there! I posted my comment somewhere else but I think it’d be better suited here.

What are your plans for the theme? Do you plan on adding support for more plugins (threaded comments, adhesive, etc.)? Or maybe supporting customisation options straight from the theme options page (fonts, colors)? Maybe a liquid layout that supports variable width or a customizable width?

Also, have you considered taking the frame out of the image for the header and making it a CSS frame? That’d help users with their images (I’m currently using them in the same size I used to have them before, which is a bit smaller than your own size, but I was too lazy to make 30 edits again to re-take them and then add the borders. I’m thinking how to go about this, but although it would be feasible to do for the static header the kburnalizer one will not (unless I put the whole thing inside yet another div with the frame as a transparent image). If not feasible I could go ahead with the random header plugin but that doesn’t allow in-page rotation.

My pluginsUsed page:

William wrote a comment on Sat 15, July 2006

I have implemented vSlider2.1 and it is fantastic! I have installed several plugins with absolutely no issues…however, I am having a problem with wp-contact-form (and it appears you may have the same problem on this site). I have installed and activated wp-contact-form in a page on my blog, which is shown in the header as “contact us”. Everything displays just fine and the contact form is visible when “contact us” is activated. However, I am unable to enter any information in any of the text boxes. When I mouse over them and try to select, my cursor never changes, and clicking on them dores nothing.

I tried to contact you, using your “contact” link on this blog, and it does the same thing. I cannot leave any info (my name, e-mail address, website or comments) on your form either.

Any idea about this problem? you can contact me on my blog, if needed. Thanks,

William wrote a comment on Sat 15, July 2006

An update to my last comment. I have done some more investigating and I have discovered I can get a cursor to add input to the text boxes in the wp-contact-form. However, it is very difficult. In order to highlight the box for text entry I must move the mouse very slowly and delicately over the TOP line of the text box. When I do this, I can see the transition to the cursor and select the box. However, if I mouse over the box itself, I get nothing… this is also the case on your “contact” when I try to use it.

Nima wrote a comment on Thu 27, July 2006

I would appreciate it if anyone that can help me out here .

I dont know what i did wrong, but this is how my gallery is looking right now:



Jason wrote a comment on Mon 16, October 2006

Hi there,

This theme is fantastic, thanks for all the hard work. Just one question, is there a way to display the name of the poster? Keep up the good work.


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