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404 Revisited

Sun 15, June 2008 16:11:38

A few users of vSlider have noticed recently (mainly due to Google Analytics) that the 404 page of the theme was creating problems for them. This is because it doesn’t actually return the 404 code, but a normal 200 (the code of OK) instead.
The reason for this goes back to Internet Explorer 6 - I’ve blogged about this issue back in 2005 (see a complete description here.
In a nutshell, IE6 didn’t show the custom 404 page without a bit of hacking from my side, and at the time IE6 was the most popular browser, so this seemed like a good idea. But with more and more people moving to Firefox (yupee!), and with IE7, this is not such a big problem anymore. So, I will remove this dirty trick from the next release (whenever that happens :) ). In the meantime, if you are having problems because of this, edit the 404.html page and remove the first 4 lines.

CSS Fix for Safari

Wed 26, March 2008 21:07:02

The joys of supporting multiple browsers never end… *sigh*
It just came to my attention that there was a layout glitch on vSlider3 displaying Gallery2 pages when using Safari. In some cases, the photo would move to the top, covering the title area. It worked fine on FireFox and IE, so I didn’t notice it before. Thanks to Stéphane for spotting it.
There’s a new version 3.1.1 with the fix available for download. I recommend upgrading - I don’t want Steve Jobs mad at me for not caring for Safari 8)

New feature - hide theme header on WPG2 pages

Wed 5, March 2008 23:49:00

Today I’m releasing version 3.1.1 of vSlider, which is a small update with a new feature that quite some people have asked for. Now you can fully hide the header image when displaying Gallery2 pages through WPG2. This can be used to allocate more screen space to what’s really important: your photos!
To turn this feature on, go to the “vSlider Theme Options” page, and in the Header section enable the checkbox for “Disable the header in WPG2 pages?”.
That’s it - hope you like it :)

I’m back!

Wed 18, October 2006 10:48:29

Hello everybody!

No, iRui.ac is not dead. After a long (long, long, long, looooonggg…) period of inactivity, finally there is a new post. Yupee!

“What have you been doing?” you might ask. Well, tons of stuff. A lot has happened in my life since July, but I won’t bother you with details. Suffice to say that we’ve moved to a great new place, and I’m finally settled in. Well… not entirely true, there’s still some work needed, but enough has been done to call it “home” :). In case you are wondering, we are now living in Almere, a city quite close to Amsterdam.

So, what’s next?

First let me just say that I’m still amazed on how many people are using the “cool stuff“… there are now hundreds of blogs out there (maybe thousands???) using vSlider, and even KBurnalizer, which started just as a fun experiment with Javascript and CSS, has become quite popular – even though it still has a few problems (long loading times anyone?). Also, I would like to thank everyone for the nice comments, emails and a special note of thanks to the anonymous cool guy that sent me “India: A Celebration of Independence” book from my Amazon wish list – I’ve tried really hard to figure out who you were, so that I could thank you personally, but no luck. So, whoever you are, thanks!

As for plans, I have a couple of new ideas, but I don’t want to go into them right now… For starters, I’m considering some improvements to existing stuff, and later on we’ll see.

Last, but not least, there are three new language files for vSlider: one German and two Italian. Thanks to buebo, Giovanni and LELE …. Check them out on the languages page!


New version in the works

Sun 12, March 2006 14:47:04

First of all, a big “sorry” to everybody who’s been writing to me with questions and asking for help with vSlider. I started working in a new project for a client which involves a lot of traveling (really a LOT) and consequently my free time completely evaporated. I simply can’t answer all the emails I get, although I do read them and I am aware of some problems caused by new versions of WP and G2.
The good news is that I started working on new versions of the themes. I don’t intend to make any drastic changes to the design, but mostly concentrate in making them easier to manage, add a few new features and overall upgrade them to support the latest changes of WP/G2.
So, have a little patience and good things may come :)