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Final tests

Mon 18, June 2007 0:12:43

Yep, it’s almost there. Crossing the T’s and pointing the I’s and all that. I need to do some more testing in different browsers, since I recently discovered that vSlider 3 was badly broken in IE6. To be honest, I shouldn’t even bother, since everybody should just use Firefox anyway. But unfortunately, according to the stats, IE is still the most used browser in the world, so I can’t just ignore it. I’ve already used some pretty horrible hacks, and I still need a few more to get everything to work nicely.
On the good news, IE7 seems to be far more standards-compliant (no big complains so far) and Apple launched Safari for Windows, which enables me to actually test stuff in Safari for the first time :)

IE6 officially sucks

Sun 17, June 2007 19:14:47

Everybody knows this already, but sometimes I forget it. Every once in a while I’m reminded on how really, really bad IE6 is.
I’m spoiled by Firefox, and that’s what I use for web development. When Cristina tried it on IE6 at work, the site looked absolutely awful. All kinds of layout issues creeped up. At least IE7 is not as bad.
Another lost weekend with hacks and workarounds.. pfff…

The only bit of good news is that Apple release Safari for Windows, so now it’s a lot easier to test on it too. It looks perfect - cheers to the Mac people!