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A few more marks in the World

Wed 28, May 2008 11:00:58

A quick post about the status of the OneWorldToSee project. The map is still quite empty, but it’s cool to see the spots of color slowly popping up. At the moment, we have squares on:

  • USA
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Bangladesh

There are also some curious facts: Denmark has been completely covered (except Greenland), and both Switzerland and Bangladesh are almost there (ok, they are small, so that helps :) ).

Thanks again guys, and spread the word!

iRui.ac and OneWorldToSee.com have merged

Sun 20, January 2008 15:36:54

Here’s a useful tip: if you barely have enough time to maintain one website, don’t try to maintain two!
That’s a lesson I’ve learned kind of the hard way ;) So I migrated all the content over from OneWorldToSee to this one – seemed like the logical thing to do, considering this is the most active blog…

Also, for the first time since I started iRui.ac, I’ve decided to change the width – I’m still quite fond of the original 800 pixel base, but I have to admit is quite narrow for modern resolutions. And the extra space does come in handy.

In other news, I’m now running the latest vSlider 3.1, which I will be making available for download shortly. I’ll go into detail about what’s new when it’s ready, but the most obvious and important change is that the speed of rendering the pages should now be drastically higher than before. If you are a regular here, you probably already noticed it

New feature on OneWorldToSee - Travel Wallpapers

Sun 7, October 2007 20:51:40

And now for a cross-blog announcement: we’ve added a new section on OneWorldToSee - a Travel Wallpapers page. We took some of the best photos we have from our travels and created wallpapers to accessorize your desktop :)
Check them out here.