What is this?

Welcome to the One World To See project.

The idea is simple: covering a World Map with images and logos of vSlider users and their blogs from across the globe. Hey, if Dubai did it, why can’t we???

World MapThe goal is to cover the land surface (the green pixels) with images of your choice. They can be anything - company ads, your blog logo, your photo, whatever you fancy, and I’ll put a link back to your website. It costs nothing - the only requirement is that you must be using the vSlider theme. This is what binds us together after all :)

If you are interested, check the Join Us page. Together we can make a real original and unique map of vSlider users in all continents. I hope to keep the site running for many years to come, so your image will be a permanent part of this little slice of Internet history. Leave your mark on the World!