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Sale! Sale! Sale! Big Sale!

Sat 20, October 2007 18:01:19

Quoting from

We’ve decided to have a big sale on our World For Sale map. The first 1000 squares will now cost only 10$ each! C’mon, that’s really, really cheap. Certainly you are not going to miss this opportunity to leave your mark on the world :) And once the map starts to get really full, you’ll be glad that you seized this opportunity while it lasted ;)
What are you waiting for? Jump to our donation page right now.

We also want to reward the pioneers that already donated small contributions - they also get one square for free to place whatever image they wish.

If you haven’t heard of our project yet, read about our dream, and how you can help making it real.

If you are using vSlider3 and wanted to get your own logo on the One World To See map but thought that 50$ was too expensive, this is your chance.
I want to thank Jonathan for suggesting the idea. Thanks man, hope it works ;)

On other news, there is a new Swedish translation of vSlider available. Thanks to Thomas for this.

Domain name troubles

Thu 11, October 2007 20:06:18

You might have noticed that the site was unreachable the last two days… it was working fine, but the domain name wasn’t :(
My registrar screwed up big time - they didn’t renew it with the central authority of the .AC domain, even though I payed for it weeks ago! And even worse, they simply don’t reply to my mails - I had to solve the problem with directly, but that meant I had to pay TWICE.
That’s one customer they lost - now I only need to get my money back…

New feature on OneWorldToSee - Travel Wallpapers

Sun 7, October 2007 20:51:40

And now for a cross-blog announcement: we’ve added a new section on OneWorldToSee - a Travel Wallpapers page. We took some of the best photos we have from our travels and created wallpapers to accessorize your desktop :)
Check them out here.

More updates

Wed 3, October 2007 22:03:34

First of all, a big thanks to Iñigo Alonso and Lasse G. Dahl for the Spanish and Norwegian translations respectively. You can find them on the languages download pages.

I checked a bit more the newest versions of WP and WPG2.

The new WPG2 3.0 seems to be working fine with vSlider3 - the only minor problem is that WPG2 now creates a top-level page to serve as an entry point to the embedded gallery. Since the vSlider theme was already adding this link to the top navigation, now there will be two different links to the same location - not very pretty. The quickfix for this is to edit this page and change the status to “draft”, so that it doesn’t show up on the navigation (don’t delete it! WPG2 will revert to full page Gallery2 and that won’t work).

I’ve also checked the changes required to support the new native tag functionality of WP 2.3. To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with this - I think that the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin offers far more functionality, and personally I’m not ready to drop it just yet in favor of WP only. But if you really want to use it instead, here are the changes you need to make.

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About WP 2.3

Tue 2, October 2007 22:31:40

WP 2.3 is out, and the question the whole world is asking: does vSlider 3 work properly on it? (ok, ok, maybe not the whole world - but the most important part of it anyway, the vSlider users 8) )
I quickly tested it and in short the answer is “yes, it does”.

The only thing that is missing is the support for the new tags feature. Since WP didn’t have native support for tags, vSlider3 was built to use the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, if this was installed. So, if you upgrade to 2.3 and start adding tags to your posts, you only be able to actually see them.
In a few days I will publish a hot fix for this as well (it’s rather easy, but I want to make it works ok first).

Everything else seems to be working fine.