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Domain name troubles

Thu 11, October 2007 20:06:18

You might have noticed that the site was unreachable the last two days… it was working fine, but the domain name wasn’t :(
My registrar screwed up big time - they didn’t renew it with the central authority of the .AC domain, even though I payed for it weeks ago! And even worse, they simply don’t reply to my mails - I had to solve the problem with directly, but that meant I had to pay TWICE.
That’s one customer they lost - now I only need to get my money back…

6 Responses to “Domain name troubles”

Domain name troubles sent a pingback on Thu 11, October 2007

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Jonathan wrote a comment on Sat 13, October 2007

That sucks. You should be able to seek a little compensation - at least give us the name of the registrar so we can slag them off!

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 15, October 2007

Yes, it does suck… The company is, and they are still ignoring me. I can only contact them through email (or trouble tickets), since they don’t have no phone number. So far, no replies - total silence.

Peter wrote a comment on Tue 16, October 2007

Had similar problems with my hoster.. but the problem was then that someone else had snatched our domain (get traffic from our users and reputation:( and then they suggested to buy back our domain.. for US$900 !

Tommi wrote a comment on Sun 28, October 2007

Sounds like similar what I have gone through with

Someone should tell the what’s the meaning of Good Customer Service. They still do not know that.

Louisville real estate wrote a comment on Sun 11, November 2007

Wow, that is really lame. I always use Go Daddy, and I still haven’t had any real problems with them. Has anyone else, out of curiosity (or are they the ones who screwed you?)…

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