About iRui.ac

iRui.ac is my little bit of Internet real estate. It’s the place where I share my thoughts about technology, life, the world, traveling, photography, politics or whatever else comes to my mind.
I also want to make it my “digital playground” for all kinds of experiments and projects.

Why iRui.ac?

I like things with multiple meanings. That’s what I tried to do when choosing an appropriate name. So, here are all the reasons behind it:

  • The most obvious (to me, at least) is that it sounds like “Hi Rui!”. Hi to you too.
  • Then, there is the current trend to prefix the name of cool things with an i, like iPod, iLife, iTunes, iWhatever… We can all thank Apple for this. So, what the heck – let’s make it iRui.
  • The third (and not so obvious), is that the word “irui” it’s actually Japanese for “different kinds” or “varieties”. You can check it yourself on this online Japanese to English dictionary. This is actually my favorite, because it does convey my goal for this site – to be used for “different kinds of things”. You many notice that it also stands for “clothing”, but I chose to ignore that one.

Ok, ok… clear about the iRui part. But .ac?

I felt that the common TLDs are becoming really old fashioned. I wanted something fresh and original, so I went looking for it. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look for long, because .ac is the first one of the list! So, why did I choose it?

  • First, a-c-sounds-good. It has an electric feel to it.
  • .ac is the TLD for Ascension Island. Although it is a British colony, it was discovered by Portuguese explorers. But more importantly, it’s a tribute for my lovely wife – her last name is Ascensão, which is (as you can guess) Portuguese for Ascension. So, in a way, iRui.ac includes both our names.

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