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An easy “Top 5″ list

Thu 26, July 2007 9:10:20

We should have some priorities, right?

Ok, we have to start somewhere, so we made a short list of the places that we *absolutely* must go:

These might be pretty obvious (if feels like everybody has already been there…), but still, no self-respecting world traveler can go by without visting these ones, right?
So, these are set in stone - for the rest, we welcome your suggestions…

National Geographic Travel Abroad Travel Phone

Tue 10, July 2007 20:53:58

What a great idea - a cell phone that you can use almost everywhere, always pay the same and have free incoming calls (no expensive roaming charges). That’s exactly what National Geographic is proposing - they teamed up with a company called Cellular Abroad to offer this service and I think it’s a cool concept.
I was checking the product site, and they even rent them, in case you just need for a short period. I did find two negative points though:

  1. Not every single country in the world is covered
  2. The phone itself isn’t very sexy ;)

Still, this is probably the best solution I’ve seen so far to always stay reachable and not spend a fortune. I could seriously consider this for the trip. Is anybody aware of alternatives of this type?

vS3 hotfixes

Mon 9, July 2007 23:14:56

Ok, some bugs/issues/problems have been found in vSlider 3, none of them too critical. I don’t want to just jump to version 3.1 already just to fix this (I rather do it later, with a few improvements). Instead I list them, with hotfix instructions. If you find some more, add comments here and I’ll keep the text updated.

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