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Tue 2, October 2007 22:31:40

WP 2.3 is out, and the question the whole world is asking: does vSlider 3 work properly on it? (ok, ok, maybe not the whole world - but the most important part of it anyway, the vSlider users 8) )
I quickly tested it and in short the answer is “yes, it does”.

The only thing that is missing is the support for the new tags feature. Since WP didn’t have native support for tags, vSlider3 was built to use the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, if this was installed. So, if you upgrade to 2.3 and start adding tags to your posts, you only be able to actually see them.
In a few days I will publish a hot fix for this as well (it’s rather easy, but I want to make it works ok first).

Everything else seems to be working fine.

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Sawajiri Erika wrote a comment on Wed 3, October 2007

Well, first and foremost, thank you for your Vslider theme 2.0, but it is not a widget-aware, unable to edit the themes and layout easily.

Looking forward to a better theme of yours, work hard on!

Rui wrote a comment on Wed 3, October 2007

Thanks Erika… I guess. I can’t really figure out if that’s a compliment or not :?
Widget support was introduced way back in version 2.1, and version 3 has quite extensive editing capabilities. Perhaps you should considering upgrading?

adam wrote a comment on Mon 8, October 2007

Hi there…. happy to hear VS 3 gets along well with WP 2.3.. that’s great news. I love this theme and it has taught me a lot.
I do have a question if you have a moment. I saw your fix for the post tittles still being visible using Lightbox references here:

I made the change to the CSS, But - I still have a problem with the post titles showing up for the Lightboxed image for some reason. Do you have any other suggestions by change?

either way… thanks, again.

Thomas Bailey wrote a comment on Sun 28, October 2007

Again in case you missed it elsewhere.

I could use a patch for playing audio files in gallery. It keeps trying to open the file as an external audio file in any browser.
It could be something triggering the download button on the player
It could be gallery is playing and uploading the file both.
It could be ….

If you’ll point me in the appropriate general direction I’ll see if I can come up with a temporary fix, unless you have one already.
This is really a crippling issue for me. I sidebarred your gallery theme months ago for the same reason but it’s excellent work and I’d like to use it in gallery and wordpress.

Thomas Bailey wrote a comment on Tue 27, November 2007

Here is a patch you can download that corrects a playback issue with mp3 files in WPG2 and WPG3 (Gallery embedded in wordpress).

It has been tested to work in with the latest vSlider3 theme for gallery, but no guarantees. It’s a very simple replacement photo.tpl for the GALLERY vSlider3 theme.


Click the link, read either READTHIS or readme.txt and follow directions.
Thanks Rui, seems you are busy so I’ll host this patch until next release.

Thomas Bailey wrote a comment on Tue 22, January 2008

Next release is out so update to 3.1 ASAP. It includes the previously mentioned patch.
In case you still need it, the url is http://www.trbailey.net/vs3/vs3.zip
Thanks again rui!

Thomas Bailey wrote a comment on Tue 22, January 2008

Have you thought it might be nice to add a flash your web minislideshow to Wordpress a wordpress post using and vSlider as the theme?
Here is an example of how to make it work. You’ll need the EXEC-PHP plugin at the link below first.
Configure it for users first. Then see this example:
Again, thanks Rui!

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