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More languages available

Sat 17, June 2006 12:12:47

Two more translations for vSlider have been added: Danish and Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks guys!

Version 2.1 is out

Mon 12, June 2006 22:21:21

As promised, here’s a new version of vSlider. Amazingly, it actually contains all the features I planned for! ;)
In a nutshell, here’s what’s new:

  • Internationalization support
  • Widgets support
  • Safari support for KBurnalizer (and don’t get me started on Safari… weird stuff…)
  • A few extra things

I’ve also updated the standard KBurnalizer library and the Gallery2 module to include the Safari fix.

So, go on to my Cool Stuff page and check them out.

And a big thanks to three people that helped making this latest version possible: dr3w, Mike and Simon. Thanks guys!