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Just upgraded to WordPress 2.1

Wed 24, January 2007 2:23:02

Hurrah! First post written on the new WP 2.1, code named Ella. It has some pretty cool improvements and as you can see, vSlider 2.1 is still working perfectly :)
Had a bit of a trouble with some of the plugins though… word of advice - check carefully if the plugins you are using are compatible with this new release before upgrading.

And don’t forget the previous post! The vSlider RFI is still ongoing…

vSlider RFI

Sun 21, January 2007 23:40:06

In case you are wondering, RFI is Request For Improvements. I just made it up :) Well, maybe it exists, who knows.
Anyway, I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should make a new version of vSlider. Quite a few people ask me “when the next release will be”, but to be honest, the main reason why there hasn’t been one (apart from time, of course) is that for my own needs the last version is enough.
So, I’m asking you, the users of vSlider, what features or improvements would you like to have? What is it that you are missing or that would make your life easier while using vSlider?
If I don’t get any comments, then, well, then I’m going to assume that the current version is still good enough ;)
So if you want a new version, drop a comment with your suggestion for improvements.

BTW, I’ve added a CAPTCHA for entering comments. I know it’s a little more pain for you, the good people out there, but I just can’t get rid of all the evil spammers, even using Akismet. So I’m going to try this for a while to see if I have more success.

Happy New Year, KBurnalizer 2.0 and other updates

Sun 14, January 2007 15:11:38

Happy New Year to you all! That’s right, this is first post of 2007, and it comes with some updates :)
First, KBurnalizer 2.0 is available, together with the G2 plugin. This has been in the works for some time now, although progress was quite slower than I thought. There are a few enhancements, being the most important one that it doesn’t require all images to be preloaded anymore - the slide show starts as soon as one image is ready, and the rest gets loaded while the show is running. Really handy for those large albums in Gallery that took ages to start ;)
Get it from the Cool Stuff, or head on to the Photos section to see it in action.

There are also a few more localizations for vSlider available in the languages page: Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, Spanish and an update to the German version. Thanks to Vincent, Lidia Boutaghane, Javier Turégano and Felix ‘buebo’ Kakrow respectively.

Finally, there are also a few new photo albums and some general cleanup being made on that section.

Oh, and thanks to the anonymous “Paul” that sent me the Scotland photo book! I always like to thank personally people when they make good use from my “Donate” page, but sometimes you just make it really hard to know who you are! :?

Now, let’s try to answer some of that email has accumulated over the last weeks (or was it months?? 8) )