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Yahoo buys them all

Tue 13, December 2005 22:01:52 has tags and Yahoo bought it.
Flickr has tags and Yahoo bought it.
Hmmm… so… logic tells us that if anything has tags and alive on the Internet, Yahoo will eventually buy it.

Something lurks…

Mon 12, December 2005 23:05:04

There’s been almost no activity on the blog in this last week. I’ve been so ridiculously busy… *sigh*
But am I working on some new fun experiments which might turn out to be good candidates for the “cool stuff” page. But I need some FREE time to figure out some details - why are the days so damn small!?
Stay tuned….

It’s not an animated GIF

Tue 6, December 2005 21:36:47


Windows XP Registry Tips

Mon 5, December 2005 7:57:02

Messing around with the Windows registry is usually not the brightest idea. But sometimes, there isn’t any other way – the Windows interface alone doesn’t allow you to do everything the operating system as to offer.
In this post I mention two ticks that I’ve used frequently. Nothing really dangerous… just fun cool stuff that sometimes comes in handy :)

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Solving Java and DirectDraw problems

Sun 4, December 2005 23:11:21

I’ve been dealing with Java for many years now – both as a programmer and as an end-user. Several times I’ve found compatibility issues with Win32 systems at graphics level – screen corruption, redraw problems, slow response, you name it. From my technical experience, I’ve known for a long time that this is mostly caused by the usage of DirectDraw inside the Java Virtual Machine. Typically, I would solve any problem with a specific application by providing this parameter directly to the JVM:


This disables the use of DirectDraw for that application, and problem solved!

But ever since I got my new computer, I’ve had problems with practically ALL Java applications, including applets and such. At the first I didn’t care much, but lately it started to bother me a lot the way that applications were completely “freezing”. So, what I needed was a way to disable DirectDraw automatically for all applications automatically – a kind of “system wide” parameter. I found some people suggesting to disable video hardware acceleration completely on Windows. But, c’mon, I’m not going to lower the performance of my machine just because of a few measly applets!
Finally I found what I think it’s the perfect solution. I added a System Environment Variable named _JAVA_OPTIONS and provided the value -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true. Every time the JVM starts, it will look for this environment variable and pass the provided parameters automatically. I can tell you that it works great!