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Things are shaping up

Thu 21, June 2007 0:05:21

We did a massive update today. The blog is finally taking shape, both in page structure and content. Hard work, I have to say… my dreams at night are filled with killer Javascript functions and monsters made of CSS declarations 8O We sincerely hope that it is all worth it. The passion for travel keeps me going ;)

IE6 officially sucks

Sun 17, June 2007 19:14:47

Everybody knows this already, but sometimes I forget it. Every once in a while I’m reminded on how really, really bad IE6 is.
I’m spoiled by Firefox, and that’s what I use for web development. When Cristina tried it on IE6 at work, the site looked absolutely awful. All kinds of layout issues creeped up. At least IE7 is not as bad.
Another lost weekend with hacks and workarounds.. pfff…

The only bit of good news is that Apple release Safari for Windows, so now it’s a lot easier to test on it too. It looks perfect - cheers to the Mac people!

World for Sale is ready - I think…

Fri 15, June 2007 0:19:16

I wasn’t happy with the first version - big, chunky map, way too big for the page. And I never really liked the Mercator projection anyway - since when is Greenland the same size as Africa???
So, back to tons of Javascript and CSS (again) and I cooked up a draggable version, a la Google Maps - looks a lot cooler. And I discovered the Winkel Tripel projection - much much better.

I even got inspired by the new iPhone interface and it can spin by itself if you accelerate it fast enough. Geeky :)