I’m back!

Wed 18, October 2006 10:48:29

Hello everybody!

No, iRui.ac is not dead. After a long (long, long, long, looooonggg…) period of inactivity, finally there is a new post. Yupee!

“What have you been doing?” you might ask. Well, tons of stuff. A lot has happened in my life since July, but I won’t bother you with details. Suffice to say that we’ve moved to a great new place, and I’m finally settled in. Well… not entirely true, there’s still some work needed, but enough has been done to call it “home” :). In case you are wondering, we are now living in Almere, a city quite close to Amsterdam.

So, what’s next?

First let me just say that I’m still amazed on how many people are using the “cool stuff“… there are now hundreds of blogs out there (maybe thousands???) using vSlider, and even KBurnalizer, which started just as a fun experiment with Javascript and CSS, has become quite popular – even though it still has a few problems (long loading times anyone?). Also, I would like to thank everyone for the nice comments, emails and particularly the donations 8). And special note of thanks to the anonymous cool guy that sent me “India: A Celebration of Independence” book from my Amazon wish list – I’ve tried really hard to figure out who you were, so that I could thank you personally, but no luck. So, whoever you are, thanks!

As for plans, I have a couple of new ideas, but I don’t want to go into them right now… For starters, I’m considering some improvements to existing stuff, and later on we’ll see.

Last, but not least, there are three new language files for vSlider: one German and two Italian. Thanks to buebo, Giovanni and LELE …. Check them out on the languages page!


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marcus wrote a comment on Wed 18, October 2006

Welcome back Rui!

Thanks again for your free stuff. Now coming to your site seems so familar, after adopting your inspirational theme on techie-blogs.com. :)

I sent you a personal mail too, but guess it will take you some time till you get down to it. ;)

I’m even beginning to get interested in photograpy and image manipulation, thanks to your KBurnalizer and gallery embedded in your theme.

Cheers and all the best,


Mike wrote a comment on Mon 23, October 2006

Hello Rui and welcome back! (Well you never left, but you know what I mean…)

I have been using your theme for some time - it IS awesome, very clean. I was hoping you or some other CSS whiz familiar with vSlider could just help me with one thing…how can I modify the CSS to change the colour of just the links in the top navigation bar? “Home”/”Photos”/Cool Stuff”/etc. The reason is if I am playing with the background colour, with a dark colour obviously the blue links don’t work. But I want to leave the general behaviour of links elsewhere untouched.

Does that makes sense? I hate asking for help with free software, but I have spent hours and hours trying different attempts at coding in style_header and style_css and I just can’t get it to work. On the plus side I have become intimately acquainted with the way vSlider is set up, the multiple stylesheet includes, and pseudo-classes…;)

I’ve tried assigning new classes, ID’s, re-written tags…arrgh…all I would like is to make that link set a contrasting light colour while leaving the rest of the document untouched! lol

Thanks to anyone who can assist!


Jeriel wrote a comment on Tue 24, October 2006

Hi! Thanks for your cool stuff Vslide2 I’m very enjoy using it… So when will have another new version?:) I hope VSlide2 can be much more function and much more nicer outlook! anyway Thanks for your WP Themes!


Marko wrote a comment on Sun 29, October 2006

Thank you so much for a clean and cool theme! I switched to Wordpress just recently; before that I was using Rapidweaver for creating websites. The main disadvantage however was that you are bound to the computer where you run Rapidweaver. Ok, enough talking about “the past”. vSlider is now! :-)

Unfortunately my provider does not offer Gallery2, so I have to think of alternatives for presenting some pictures. There is one question regarding this problem: How can I add a page template without the sidebar so the “entry” is as wide as the header?

Thanks again for the good work. I really appreciate it!

Arvind wrote a comment on Mon 30, October 2006

Thanks for the vslider theme - it is fantastic. I have a few minor issues but will send you an email for those.

Keep up the good work!

JM wrote a comment on Wed 13, December 2006

As for earlier, I still am in love with the vSlider theme. It’s pretty much all I was looking for in a theme…
In your «considering some improvements to existing stuff», is there a possibility for you to let this theme use «sidebar widget» ? In my opinion, that might be «the» best theme ever if it could include the sidebar widget. I tried to added the widget in, but I’m not that good of a geek in coding, I guess !
I’ll let this is your creator hands, then !

Thanks, again, for all the good, absolutely amazing work.

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