New version in the works

Sun 12, March 2006 14:47:04

First of all, a big “sorry” to everybody who’s been writing to me with questions and asking for help with vSlider. I started working in a new project for a client which involves a lot of traveling (really a LOT) and consequently my free time completely evaporated. I simply can’t answer all the emails I get, although I do read them and I am aware of some problems caused by new versions of WP and G2.
The good news is that I started working on new versions of the themes. I don’t intend to make any drastic changes to the design, but mostly concentrate in making them easier to manage, add a few new features and overall upgrade them to support the latest changes of WP/G2.
So, have a little patience and good things may come :)

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Phil wrote a comment on Sun 12, March 2006

Awesome! I can’t wait for the new version!
Will there be an oppertunity for beta testing? Add me to the list of there is!

jay wrote a comment on Tue 14, March 2006

hey wanted to say thanks for the great theme. i used it for a clients page. it looks a bit different than yours i would say now :P

take care, jay

LELE wrote a comment on Mon 20, March 2006

Good Job. Your wordpress theme is great !
I’m waiting the new realase :)


LELE from Italy

Ingo wrote a comment on Tue 21, March 2006


Which is the new right Gallery-Version ? I dont get the clue and I dont know the right version which I should download and where I could get it…. :(

Ingo wrote a comment on Thu 23, March 2006

great news - can’t wait to get the new version ;) Maybe you could fix the code to support XHTML clean code ;) and the gallary2 theme. At the moment it is just possible to see gallery2 with the WPG2 Plugin, not standalone - chaos view ;)

Right Version: Gallery2 2.0.4

Michael wrote a comment on Sat 1, April 2006

Today I installed Gallery2 2.1 and WPG2 Plugin and your vSlider Theme ist not compatible with the new version.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an update!!!


Matt Williams wrote a comment on Tue 4, April 2006

Drop me a line when you have a working version for Gallery2 2.1 and Wordpress 2.0.2 and I’ll be glad to help you test.

Mike Holtum wrote a comment on Wed 5, April 2006

I am looking forward to this release.. Please contact me when it is finished…

Michael wrote a comment on Thu 6, April 2006

Look at this forum to get instructions, how to convert vSlider to work with WP 2.0.2, Gallery2 2.1 and WPG2.

Not everything could converted - especially the frames around the WPG2 pictures are missing in the vSlider WP theme.

help needed ;)

[…] Anpassung des WordPress vSlider und Gallery2 vSlider Theme, damit das WPG2 Plugin wieder einwandfrei funktioniert - Hilfestellung hierfür gibt es im WPG2 Support Forum. Ich hoffe es kommt vom Autor ( des vSlider Theme auch eine offizielle Anpassung. […]

naisioxerloro wrote a comment on Wed 28, November 2007

Good design, who make it?

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