Yep, I’m still around

Tue 18, September 2007 22:04:19

Hello everybody. Not a lot of updates lately - quite some time since the last post.
So, what’s new - there’s a few extra hot fixes, a couple of extra languages available and I’ve upgraded to WP 2.2.3. That’s pretty much it :) I’m thinking that there might enough bugs and fixes to make a version 3.1, but I was still holding for something more significant.
And don’t forget that the project is still alive as well!

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Jonathan wrote a comment on Thu 20, September 2007

Hi there Rui! Good to see you’re alive and well - sorry to see the OWTS site isn’t getting much action - maybe you need to have a big sale to kickstart it? May $5 a “square” to get some links going for a couple of weeks? Or for the first 500 squares? $2,500 is better than $0!

Anyway, sorry for the long posting, but I’ve updated everything and I’m having a few issues I can’t work round. I don’t know if they relate to Vslider3, so I’ve decided to post everything I’ve found over the last 24 hours here,

I decided to take the plunge and go for:
the cvs nightly of Gallery 2.3 from 18th September from

Some basic info here:
Gallery version = 2.3-svn core 1.2.21
API = Core 7.37, Module 3.8, Theme 2.6, Embed 1.2
PHP version = 5.2.0 cgi
Webserver = Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) mod_fastcgi/2.4.2

the RC1 candidate of wordpress 2.3 from

The WPG2 3.0 RC Internal Final for Release Candidate Testing from

And I made the updates to Vslider3 as noted here


Problems I think may be related to Vslider 3:

can’t use “captcha” - the text box and CAPTCHA that appears is normal if gallery is on a default theme, but in Vslider3, the box now doesn’t appear to show the CAPTCHA code.

Gallery 2.3 has a new feature - detect and delete spam with Akismet. But when clicking “mark as spam”, the CSS messes up and the page won’t work (see: )

In Gallery admin, in the section: “image block settings” the page is messed up (right column takes over left column)

On updating gallery from 2.1 to 2.3, I got the following error:

Deactivated Plugins
The following plugins were active, but they are missing or incompatible with your current version of Gallery. They have been deactivated. Install the latest version of these plugins to reactivate them.

* Theme: vSlider
* Theme: vSlider2

If viewing gallery standalone, ie:
it initially said:

Configuration Error: Missing Theme
Missing Theme

This album is configured to use the vSlider3 theme, but it is either inactive, not installed, or incompatible. To fix this problem you can either choose a new theme for this album or install or activate this theme.

Now it says:
This theme can only be viewed when embedded in WordPress and using vSlider 3
Site Admin Your Account Logout
but allows you to proceed to a workable admin section, which is a good touch.


Things I think may be related to WPG2…
In Wordpress, I go to WPG2 and then “WPG2 output” in order to delete all the code from the WPG2 Page, Style & CSS Options, but when I press SAVE, although I get a message which says
“WPG2 Page, Style & CSS Options Saved”, it actually just defaults back to what was there, ie:

.g2_column {width: 738px;margin: 0px 1px 0px 12px;}

On the MAIN site page, page, for example:
in the random block section in the right hand column, the following error appears, even though random block seems to be installed and active.

Array ( [blocks] => |randomImage [show] => [exactSize] => 150 [itemFrame] => none [albumFrame] => none ) Error (ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER) : Smarty error: The template ‘modules/imageframe/templates/containers/ImageFrame.tpl’ does not exist.

* in modules/core/classes/GallerySmarty.class at line 76 (GalleryCoreApi::error)
* in modules/core/classes/GalleryTemplate.class at line 401 (GallerySmarty::trigger_error)
* in ??? at line 0 (GalleryTemplate::resourceGetTemplate)
* in lib/smarty/Smarty.class.html at line 1562
* in lib/smarty/Smarty.class.p

etc etc

Well, I hope this post might help others, and maybe others might help me, or at least point out if I’m doing anything silly! As a side note, I’ve tried switching between php4 and php5, but the above results are the same.

Jonathan wrote a comment on Fri 21, September 2007

Regarding the comprehensive bug report I posted yesterday (which hasn’t appeared yet), the error of not saving the simple header layout boxes was with WPG2 and is fixed in the nightly build as noted here:

However, I’m having a different problem now when I came to upgrade the second site, which is almost the same as the first site (same server and everything). It says:

“This theme can only be viewed when embedded in WordPress and using vSlider 3″

I tried uninstalling and re-installing WPG2 and also Vslider3 in both Wordpress and Gallery. But when I tried to use “deactivate” from the WPG2 plugins panel, I got the following message:

WordPress database error: [Table 'mydatabase_gallery.wp_post2cat' doesn't exist]
SELECT cat_ID AS ID, MAX(post_modified) AS last_mod FROM `wp_posts` p LEFT JOIN `wp_post2cat` pc ON p.ID = pc.post_id LEFT JOIN `wp_categories` c ON pc.category_id = c.cat_ID WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ GROUP BY cat_ID

Even after this, I am getting the same error, but with a different theme, it works OK (although it doesn’t look right!)

Jonathan wrote a comment on Sat 22, September 2007

The WPG2 forum developers say (in the forum linked to above)

“mydatabase_gallery.wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist” is a vslider issue, it looks like it is referring to a table that does not exist, which is highly likely as the internal table structure in WP 2.3 did undergo some changes..

Rui wrote a comment on Sat 22, September 2007

Hey Jonathan,

sorry for the comment not showing up, but it was caught as spam by Akismet (which is expected considering the size of it and all those links :) )

Your idea of a “sale” to jump start OneWorldToSee is not bad at all! I’ll give it some thought.

As for all the problems you are having - wow! That’s a lot of stuff going on at the same time.
First of all, you should know that this is what you get when you start playing around with all the latest’n'greatest, beta versions, RC versions and so on… I’ve personally didn’t even consider trying 2.3 until it was final. Things break, and that’s to be expected…

I see that some of the stuff it’s already fixed, and that latest problem you mentioned about the database - well, I don’t think it’s related to vSlider either, since I don’t think I have any SQL query to that particular table.
I don’t mind helping you solve this problems, but I would prefer if you waited until the final versions of WP, G2 and WPG2 are all out - and then we see what needs to be fixed on the theme to support them.
Do you *absolutely* must use all these new versions already?

Jonathan wrote a comment on Sun 23, September 2007

Rui, thanks for the reply. Yes, of course I understand, and of course I wouldn’t expect you to work out issues with other people’s pre-release software. In fact, the reason I did it was mainly because of the problem with spam in Gallery - for some reason, I can’t get CAPTCHA to work with vSlider gallery theme, so I needed to protecton that Akismet offers in the new version of Gallery.

I am not saying that there are any problems with vSlider3, just saying what might happen in the future, and just in case anyone has the same experience as me, then they might be able to see what has come before!

I still think vSlider is the best thing on the net, certainly the best gallery and wordpress themes, so a big thank you!

Jonathan wrote a comment on Wed 26, September 2007

Just to update, it turned out to be cause by the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin; now that Wordpress 2.3 is fully released, I’ve imported the tags into the native WP tagging, de-activated UTW and all is good.

However, I have a more serious problem on a second site
- I am getting the error:
“This theme can only be viewed when embedded in WordPress and using vSlider 3″

But unlike the other site, activating and de-activating just isn’t working. I can’t see that there’s any difference, it’s hosted on the same server, I’ve even tried changing php4/php5 but no luck.

If I change the plugin to vslider, it works, but of course, it looks wrong! How can I over-ride this error?

Jonathan wrote a comment on Fri 28, September 2007

OK,I’ve spent since Tuesday on this and it’s driving me a little bit nuts.

Two websites, on the same server, with the same .htaccess settings with the same versions of gallery, wpg2 and vSlider

I have deleted all the .htaccess settings and regenerated them. I’ve deleted php.ini, I’ve checked and rechecked and rechecked, but I see these weird errors over and over again in the error logs for one site (see below) and even MORE confusingly, I am getting errors which don’t relate to my site at all!

And all the time, I get this same error: “This theme can only be viewed when embedded in WordPress and using vSlider 3″

And from a quick google, I am the ONLY PERSON in the world getting this error!

Here are the gallery logs

Fri 28 Sep 2007 09:06:48 EDT Gallery Error Link ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED
Fri 28 Sep 2007 09:05:46 EDT PHP Error Link [Notice] Undefined property: term_id in file /backup/TMPHOME/MYACCOUNT/public_html/blog/wp-includes/classes.html on line 481

But if I look at that first “Link” error, it points me to:

which is a TOTALLY different account, not just a different parked or subdomain of digitaltoast.
eg: funnfrolic website is on the funnfrol account
digitaltoast website is on the digitalt account
How can I be getting errors from the funnfrol account in the digitalt account???

Here are some examples of the hundreds of errors I’m getting per minute in the wordpress logs

[28-Sep-2007 08:55:38] PHP Warning: loadwordpressoptions(./wp-config.html) [function.loadwordpressoptions]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /backup/TMPHOME/MYACCOUNT/public_html/gallery/themes/vSlider3/ on line 158
[28-Sep-2007 08:55:38] PHP Warning: loadwordpressoptions(./wp-config.html) [function.loadwordpressoptions]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /backup/TMPHOME/MYACCOUNT/public_html/gallery/themes/vSlider3/ on line 158
[28-Sep-2007 08:55:38] PHP Warning: loadwordpressoptions() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘./wp-config.html’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /backup/TMPHOME/MYACCOUNT/public_html/gallery/themes/vSlider3/ on line 158
[28-Sep-2007 08:59:43] PHP Warning: loadwordpressoptions(./wp-config.html) [function.loadwordpressoptions]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /backup/TMPHOME/MYACCOUNT/public_html/gallery/themes/vSlider3/ on line 158

Jonathan wrote a comment on Fri 28, September 2007

I finally found the answer, thanks to Kirk on the Gallery forums
It was to change the path in FROM
if(include(’./wp-config.html’)) {
if(include(’/home/MUACCOUNT/public_html/blog/wp-config.html’)) {
and the weirdest thing is that using ../../../blog/wp-config.html wasn’t working either.

What’s REALLY confusing me is how come ONE of my sites is working fine like this, and the other isn’t? I even downloaded the whole site, diffed all the files, and made sure they were identical, then re-uploaded the whole thing. I’d also totally uninstalled/deleted both Wordpress and Gallery vSlider3 themes too.

One thing - my host has symlinked my whole account as they ran out of space, eg:
The installation that works perfectly with the line
if(include(’./wp-config.html’)) {
has a path of
/home/MYACCOUNT/public_html/blog etc
but the installation which needs the line changed to
if(include(’/home/MUACCOUNT/public_html/blog/wp-config.html’)) {
has a “real” path of
/backup/TMPHOME/MYACCOUNT/public_html/blog but is apparently symlinked to /home/MYACCOUNT/

Care to comment?