An easy “Top 5″ list

Thu 26, July 2007 9:10:20

We should have some priorities, right?

Ok, we have to start somewhere, so we made a short list of the places that we *absolutely* must go:

These might be pretty obvious (if feels like everybody has already been there…), but still, no self-respecting world traveler can go by without visting these ones, right?
So, these are set in stone - for the rest, we welcome your suggestions…

2 Responses to “An easy “Top 5″ list”

buebo wrote a comment on Sat 26, January 2008

If you do go to Cambodia, spend a few Days in Phnom Penh (great place to be, lived there for about six months) and absolutely go to Bokor Hill Station.

Angkor is basically the biggest dump for Korean and Japanese Tour Groups in SE Asia…

Rui wrote a comment on Sat 26, January 2008

Thanks for the tip! I always like to find out about the places out of the beaten track :)
Although, to be fair, I would probably still go to Angkor, at least once :p

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