vSlider 3.2 Lock and Loaded

Thu 18, September 2008 2:39:44

It’s been a long time coming, but finally new versions of the “cool stuff” are available and ready for download. This means vSlider 3.2 for WordPress, vSlider 3.2 for Gallery2 and KBurnalizer 3.1. There are new features and several bug fixes:

  • Added Gravatar support for “post authors” (enabled through the regular Posts panel on the vSlider Theme Options). Only available for WP 2.5 and above.
  • Also added Gravator support for “comment authors” (enabled through a new Comments panel in the vSlider Theme Options). Also only available for WP 2.5 and above.
  • Now it’s possible to select the location of the top menu (right, center or left). Until now, the menu was always on the right.
  • Added a new option to center the header image (useful for non-repeating images when using Fluid width).
  • Added support for PNG and GIF files for headers (only supported JPG before). Also fixed a small bug where files with extensions in upper case were not correctly identified.
  • Added support for the “nextpage” quicktag, which allows breaking a big post into multiple pages.
  • Adjusted a bit the layout of the vSlider Theme Options in line with the new WP administration look and feel.
  • Fixed an issue in the KBurnalizer library which resulted in some weird looking fading effects.
  • Fixed a bug in the header that resulted in the inner corners being hidden when using KBurnalizer.
  • Removed the 200 return code on the 404 page.
  • Fixed a small display bug on the bottom of the 404 page.
  • Fixed a bug on the RSS feed of Comments.
  • Fixed a bug in the comments sections where in some situations the author’s comments weren’t properly colored.
  • Fixed a bug that prevent Dynamic albums from working in Gallery2.

Hope you enjoy the new features and that with this update most of those pesky little problems that have been around for some time are finally fixed. However, there are still some known issues that some users have found when using vSlider that I can’t really solve since they are related to other scripts. These are the ones I am aware of:

  • Enabling the internal the Lightbox script of WPG2 breaks the slide up/down feature on the posts. The workaround is to keep this option disabled and use the WP Lightbox plugin instead.
  • Using any Lightbox script (either from WPG2 or the standalone plugin) prevents editing some theme options in Gallery2. This problem affects ANY embedded theme, not just vSlider. I’ve informed one the authors of WPG2 about this issue.
  • When using vSlider in Gallery2 with the Lightscript plugin activated, the “title” of the pictures that pops out when hovering the mouse doesn’t look “nice”, because it includes some HTML markup code. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this, since Lightbox uses this field for the description text below the photo, and in the case of vSlider, this text has the link to the original photo page.

I’m also making some minor layout changes around this site.

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Keep The Change | Stress By Design sent a pingback on Wed 29, October 2008

[...] also closely matches the theme of the forum. The name of the person who designed the theme is Rui Pereira and he’s done a truly excellent job in the process. It’s very clean and well rounded [...]

Byron wrote a comment on Tue 11, November 2008

Hmm. ‘Just upgraded everything and now I’m seeing this on my gallery2-based pages:


(title is too large).

Any 5 second hint on this?

Rui wrote a comment on Tue 11, November 2008

Byron, try to add the Search box back to Gallery.

Byron wrote a comment on Wed 12, November 2008

Wow.. that did it! Thanks!

Frank Kim wrote a comment on Sat 6, June 2009

The new theme looks great w/ the gravatar support. However I noticed that the ZIP file is missing a lot of the corner image files. These are the only ones in the ZIP file.

256 10-24-07 02:35 vSlider3/images/corners/header_bottom_left.png
251 10-24-07 02:35 vSlider3/images/corners/header_bottom_right.png
255 10-24-07 02:35 vSlider3/images/corners/header_top_left.png
261 10-24-07 02:35 vSlider3/images/corners/header_top_right.png

I copied the other ones from vSlider 3.1. I assume that’s correct, right?

Frank Kim wrote a comment on Sat 6, June 2009

Also do you plan to add caption support? I think it would be nice, probably just some CSS tweaking.

Mal Haskins wrote a comment on Mon 18, January 2010

Awesoem theme and intergration packeage you have here.

One Question - On my site

I have the gallery embedded using all the correct themes etc but I can’t get the photo page to widen out to the size of the blog? It seems to cut off as if the side bar were still active

I have wordpress 2.9.1 and gallery 2.3 running


joel wrote a comment on Sat 26, June 2010

Hi Rui-

I really like your theme but I am having one issue. My site is a nonprofit organization and I am trying to be both professional and avoid advertising. So while I don’t mind having the CC license and the link to vslider, I do not want a link to oneworldtosee. Can you help me remove this link? It doesn’t seem to be in any options or even in the code for the footer.

Much appreciated.

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