vSlider 3 works in WP 2.5

Sat 12, April 2008 17:44:12

In case you are wondering, Gallery 3 seems to works fine with the new WP 2.5. I just upgraded myself - and I like it! By far, my favorite new feature is the one-click update on some of the plugins. It’s a real time saver :)
If anybody spots a bug or some strange behavior in the theme due the upgrade, let me know.

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Steve P wrote a comment on Sun 13, April 2008

That’s great news. I’m anxiously awaiting the WPG2 upgrade for compatibility, at which time I’ll jump in to WP 2.5.


Jonathan wrote a comment on Wed 16, April 2008

Hi Rui - are you SURE that everything is OK? I thought I posted a link to this thread in a comment, but anyway:
http://gallery.menalto.com/node/67933#comment-272889 - The WPG2 developer writes:

Wordpress 2.5 has introduced a number of new features, including updates of the tinymce editor, hashed passwords and a heap of other changes (including what I feel is a crap UI). Unfortunately the scope of these changes have broken the WPG2 in a number of critical areas thus for now Please DO NOT upgrade to Wordpress 2.5 when released until WPG2 3.05 is ready for release..
It is going to bite you in a few places, any passwords sync from WP will result in you not being able to login to that G2 account.. A heap of display issues, WP got some new stylesheets which break and put WPG2 options all over the place, including break some validation checks etc.. The G2 image tool is broken, the Tinymce button insertion for G2image is not working, G2image language locales are not working, WPG2 language locales are not working, adding WPG2 widgets can be problematic.. and no doubt a few more along the way..

So you are saying that after logging out and in, and having sessions expire, you are having NO problems?

Rui wrote a comment on Wed 16, April 2008

Jonathan, so far I haven’t had any problems. It’s true that I didn’t upload any new photos after the update (I only do that occasionally), and I don’t use a lot of integration capabilities (except for the sidebar random picture) so maybe I’ve just avoided all the “dangerous” activities… but in terms of visuals, logging in and out, everything works fine. After I’m logged in in WP, I’m also logged in G2 (as usual).

In any case, even if there are problems with WPG2, It’s still safe to say that vSlider 3 itself works fine on WP 2.5 :)

Mike wrote a comment on Fri 18, April 2008

Gallery 3?????

Steve Parker wrote a comment on Tue 29, April 2008

I believe you meant to say “vSlider 3″ in your original post, not “Gallery 3″….. :)


Sean Nordbo wrote a comment on Thu 1, May 2008

Just upgraded to wpg 3.0.5. Doesn’t seem to work as it should here, anyone else upgraded and got it to work?

Thanks in advance!

Steve Parker wrote a comment on Fri 2, May 2008

I’m having problems with the “Site Admin” dropdown menu after upgrading to WP 2.5.1, WPG2 3.0.5. Gallery is still 2.2.4, and vSlider is still 3.1.1.

I’ve tried clearing all caches (from both the WP and Gallery side), logging out from both sides, clearing Firefox caches, etc, but noghint is allowing the pulldown to work.

Any ideas???


Sean Nordbo wrote a comment on Fri 2, May 2008

Seems that I sorted my problem. I am now using WP 2.5.1, WPG2 3.0.5 with Gallery 2.2.4 and vSlider 3.1.1, and everything seems so far to work great.

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 4, May 2008

I’ve just updated the complete setup myself. I’m now on WP 2.5.1, using Gallery 2.2.4 and the latest WPG2 3.0.6 (and vSlider 3.1.1, obviously). Everything is still working fine for me.

WPG2 changed the interface a bit, so for reference, here’s my setup:
- On the WPG2 tab, question “Should Gallery2 Page(s) look like a Wordpress Page?” should be “yes”
- Don’t know if it matters, but on Gallery2 Rewrites, I have the plugin enabled
- On the WPG2 Output tab, all boxes should be EMPTY! (WPG2 has the nasty habit of setting some defaults when upgrading)
- On the LightBox tab, I have the internal script disabled

Hope this helps if you are having problems…

Jonathan wrote a comment on Fri 16, May 2008

Hi, I still can’t get it working - see this post:

I just can’t log in

ck wrote a comment on Sat 14, June 2008

Seems to be working fine for me. I just recently switched to your theme and I really like the design! The only issue I’m having is that my page seems to load pretty slow. Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot that?

Rudy Engels wrote a comment on Thu 19, June 2008

Hi, my ISP moved my website to another server and they screwed up everything! Where there’s data in the vSlider options (width, colors, …) there’s everywhere one character inserted. When I’m making a change and saving it, the modifications are not made.
So I thought to work by elimination and did a fresh install of WPG2, vSlider, … but nothing changes.
I’ve WordPress 2.5.1, WPG2 3.0.6, vSlider 3.1 and Gallery 2.2.4
Any help much appreciated because I’m using my website/pics to apply for a job ;-(

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