Just upgraded to WordPress 2.1

Wed 24, January 2007 2:23:02

Hurrah! First post written on the new WP 2.1, code named Ella. It has some pretty cool improvements and as you can see, vSlider 2.1 is still working perfectly :)
Had a bit of a trouble with some of the plugins though… word of advice - check carefully if the plugins you are using are compatible with this new release before upgrading.

And don’t forget the previous post! The vSlider RFI is still ongoing…

7 Responses to “Just upgraded to WordPress 2.1”

maciej wrote a comment on Thu 25, January 2007

If I can see correctly at your page the Gallery plugin works correctly with Word Press 2.1

Rui wrote a comment on Thu 25, January 2007

Yep, so for I haven’t noticed any problems with WPG2. According to the plugin’s site, there seems to be an issue with the TinyMCE editor, but since I’m not using it, no probs here.

DancesWithWords wrote a comment on Tue 30, January 2007

I to have made the upgrade which was painless using Gentoo Linux. I did expect possible plugin problems, but none developed so I’m happy.


George Cifrancis wrote a comment on Wed 31, January 2007

Rui, What plugins did you have problems with? –George C.

Joe Chiappetta wrote a comment on Wed 31, January 2007

Just upgraded to new wordpress version Ella but the events category in the sidebar now gives up the 404 error page. Any ideas?

Rui wrote a comment on Wed 31, January 2007

George - I’ve had some issues with Tag Warrior (couldn’t get the /tag/ URLs to work), but finally solved it with several updates of permalinks. I guess it had to do with the .htaccess. The Download Manager also gave some problems in a test installation of WordPress I have, but worked fine when I did it on this site… I think everything else was fine.

Joe - that’s indeed strange. Have you tried updating the permalinks? Or even rename the category.

Joe Chiappetta wrote a comment on Sat 3, February 2007

I tried resetting permalinks and renaming the Events category but that didn’t work either. Any ideas would be most appreciated. I also know of another site that is having the same issue with Events category after upgrading to Wordpress 2.1.

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