It’s not an animated GIF

Tue 6, December 2005 21:36:47


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sarah wrote a comment on Sat 21, April 2007


brandon wrote a comment on Thu 6, September 2007

its simple really how is just all circle’s and they are stiped causes the
illusion but just to be sure it was not a animated gif i printed it and it
moved on paper and that would be impossible so my conclusion is that
what i said before

clarince63 wrote a comment on Sat 15, September 2007

This is awasome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put it as my wallpaper and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bradley oldrdge wrote a comment on Tue 15, April 2008

this works on paper because my brother shane had one on his bedroom door its kwl and he had one called black or white dots all the dots change colour its so kwl like this

khaled wrote a comment on Tue 6, May 2008

this is very weird i look at just one of them and its not moving when u try to look at all at the same time u see them moving wow.

Never G. Judit wrote a comment on Fri 23, May 2008

geezusss chrrissst!

anon wrote a comment on Mon 25, August 2008

its a gif file you liar

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 25, August 2008

anon… I’ve replaced it with a PNG version. Happy now? :)
It’s just an optical illusion - be cool

weGIF wrote a comment on Tue 1, December 2009

hahaha! this one is relly cool… it is not an animated GIF but because og the illusion it seems that it is moving.. nice one! maybe if i am going to make a GIF animation out of this one it would be great… i’ll try doing it on ans i’ll show it to all of you guys….
Gif Photo Animation

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