vSlider for WordPress

This is an outdated version of vSlider. Version 3 is available here.

Download: vSlider-WP.zip

vSlider is my original theme for WordPress 1.5+. You are looking at it right now…
I think it looks rather nice and it goes quite easy on the eye. If you also use Gallery2, make sure you check out the vSlider G2 companion theme.

Some highlights

  • Cool looking sliding posts (hence the name vertical slider). Just click on the oval symbols on the top right corner of posts to see the effect. Very handy on archive pages to quickly show lots of posts without a lot of space needed. Also useful for reading lower positioned posts without scrolling down.
  • Very complete, with custom templates for archives listing, search results, 404 page, list of used plugins and other handy details.
  • Built-in random header image – no plugin required.
  • Includes JS code to fix many of the problems related to PNG transparency in IE.
  • Doesn’t require any WordPress plugins to work properly, but automatically gains a lot of extra functionality “out-of-the-box” (without any configuration) if they are installed and active. Check out the plugins being used at the moment.
  • Careful use of CSS, HTML and Javascript to separate content, presentation and behavior – should be good learning material. Oh!… right… but it is only “almost XHTML 1.0” compliant.
  • Tested on IE6, FireFox 1.0+ and Opera 8.5. No idea if everything works in other browsers – feedback is most welcome on this!
    Update: I’ve received confirmation that it also works properly in Safari v2.0.2. Thanks Mike!


  1. Download the theme file.
  2. Unzip the contents to your \wp-content\themes folder in WordPress.
  3. Activate the theme.

Couldn’t be any simpler…


This theme (like everything else on this site) is available under a Creative Commons License (in short, you can do whatever you want with it, as long as you give me credit for the original work).

80 Responses to “vSlider for WordPress”

Four Legged Links » Blog Archive » Four Legged Redesign sent a pingback on Sun 4, December 2005

[...] The new WordPress Theme is called vSlider. It’s feature packed and really easy to use. One cool feature is the little oval in the top-right corner that opens and closes articles. [...]

Owen wrote a comment on Sun 11, December 2005

Wow - very very impressed. One of the better wp/g2 themes about (if not the best).

I’m getting a little tired of my current theme and seeing as I like this so much may well give it ago - just got to talk myself into moving all the content :)

Love the photos from australia too :)

How To Blog sent a trackback on Sun 11, December 2005

Comprehensive list of 545 Free WordPress 1.5 Themes / Templates available for download

Largest list of free WordPress Themes. Over 545 wordpress 1.5 themes, including numerous 3-column wp template layouts, updated regularly

Florian wrote a comment on Tue 13, December 2005

Hi there,

very nice Theme! If do an update on it could you insert the trackback link directly in the comment part?

Rui wrote a comment on Tue 13, December 2005

Ok, it has been added to the vSlider wish list :)

[...] New Blog Theme I found this new WordPress theme (vSlider) the other day and I thought it was cool stuff. So I obviously started using it. If you like it you can grab it Here. The dude also has a gallery2 companion theme for it. A cool thing about this theme is that when you press the “oval” shape next to each title. The post rolls up and down. Check it out. [...]

Achton wrote a comment on Sun 18, December 2005

Hi Rui, great template, I’m fiddling with it atm. - I have just one question.

Why have you removed the admin links from theme.tpl? Doesn’t this make it impossible to access G2’s admin panel? I added them back from the Matrix theme’s theme.tpl and all is good. Was just wondering!

PS. I’m using WP2 and G2 from CVS.

Achton wrote a comment on Sun 18, December 2005

.. of course you’ve thought of that! I’m so impatient - it’s in the cool sliding menu on the right .. :-) Sorry for bugging you (again) ;)

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 18, December 2005

That was easy to answer :P

devdna » Blog Archive » New Style sent a pingback on Mon 19, December 2005

[...] I’ve change the style of the site to vSlider. We’ll see how this goes and maybe tweak it a little be here and there. [...]

[...] I was getting a little bit bored with the old look (maybe it was more of a summer site) and winter needs a cooler cleaner look! As such while I was browsing the wpg2 forums I came across this thread and a new theme for both wordpress and gallery2 called vslider which looked fantastic. I have the design skills of a penguin so need great themes like this. [...]

halle wrote a comment on Mon 26, December 2005

How do you make a list of contributors to a blog made of more than one? I’ve tried those list_author() things, but it doesn’t seem to work.
I’m quite new at this..

halle wrote a comment on Mon 26, December 2005

Sorry for bothering you. I found the answer myself:

Markus Wienhöfer wrote a comment on Thu 29, December 2005

Hi, I just found and started using your great templates. One thing that bothers me though is that my site only seems to display the posting time, not the date anymore…what am i doing wrong?

Great work



Deeva wrote a comment on Fri 30, December 2005


vSlider is BAR NONE the BEST WordPress/Gallery theme out there…. if you don’t win an award or something for this, then everyone out there is just blind! :)

I started using it for my new site, with a bit of tweaking… also, I have the same problem as the previous comment: my post DATE does not seem to be appearing, just the TIME. Is there a special hidden setting for this somewhere? I’m still fairly a n00b with WordPress, but I thought I had everything set right.

Thanks again for a kick-ass theme!

Deeva wrote a comment on Fri 30, December 2005

PS, sorry forgot to add something… the theme does NOT work right in Internet Explorer on Mac, in any OS. The header does not show up at all for whatever reason, also the nav menu behaves very odd. Just thought you’d like to know, for future development.

[...] After reading around the forums, trying to upgrade to 2.0.2 and decyphering the content of some of my MySQL tables, I decided the scratch the whole install, delete the MySQL tables and install a fresh new copy of 2.0.2. I kept my pics on the server (I have close to a 1,000), and I’m in the process of changing to a new integrated theme between my family’s blog (WordPress-powered, have to update it to 2.0 as well) and Gallery2. Once done, I will probably have wasted a good 5 hours making it happen. [...]

a Philo Simplicate » Blog Archive » Something’s Different sent a pingback on Sun 1, January 2006

[...] More noticeable, I’ve updated the look, and will work on it from time to time. I currently have a slightly modified theme applied to the site called vSlider. Kudos to the designer. Have a great New Year’s Eve, and I plan to make love to you in the new year. unless i’m related to you. [...]

CLS wrote a comment on Mon 2, January 2006

Thanks a 100 times for you theme for WP. :) *and Happy New Year, today is the first day in the new year! :)*

I don’t know actually if I’m asking this in the right place, but if not then please let me…I have a little problem with it, and could figure it out what it is. If I select your theme in WP, i get a following errors:

Warning: main(): Unable to access randomHeader.html in /disk/raid0/c/l/clsrip/wordpress/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

Warning: main(randomHeader.html): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /disk/raid0/c/l/clsrip/wordpress/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘randomHeader.html’ (include_path=”) in /disk/raid0/c/l/clsrip/wordpress/wp-content/themes/vSlider/header.html on line 32

As I tried it for the first time it worked, but now not anymore…why? could you please help me, thank! :)

Kris wrote a comment on Mon 2, January 2006

Great theme! I love it and will be tweaking it a bit to use for sure. I have a hopefully simple question for starters. I would like the slider to stay down for now. What do I need to change to make that happen?


Kris wrote a comment on Mon 2, January 2006

Let me clarify. I want the slider on POSTS to stay open.

t|b - torsten brumm » Blog Archive » Maintenance sent a pingback on Mon 2, January 2006

[...] 1. Werde ich das aktuelle Wordpress Release einspielen: Wordpress 2.0 2. Werde ich die Galerie auf das aktuelle Release updaten: Gallery 2.0 3. Werde ich ein neues Theme für Wordpress nutzen, welches ebenfalls die Gallery2 unterstützt und so eine komplette Integration beider Tools ermöglicht: vSlider [...]

Frederik wrote a comment on Wed 4, January 2006

For those of you wanting to display the post date:
go to Themes / Theme Editor and edit post.html
Scroll down until you find this:

replace it with this:
then safe the file.

Frederik wrote a comment on Wed 4, January 2006

OK, seems you can’t post HTML tags, so I use round brackets instead of the pointy ones.
Replace this
(small)(?php the_date() ?) - (?php the_time() ?)(/small)
with this:
(small)(?php the_date() ?) - (?php the_time() ?)(/small)

Frederik wrote a comment on Wed 4, January 2006

damnit, the first line should be
(small)(?php the_time() ?)(/small)

sorry for spamming

Kris wrote a comment on Thu 5, January 2006

Thanks Frederik! That did the trick. Any idea about making the slider stay open? :)

Kris wrote a comment on Thu 5, January 2006

Hmm, actually that changed it only on pages, but not on posts in the Archive. Do I need to change that elsewhere too? I looked around and don’t see it.

Kris wrote a comment on Thu 5, January 2006

Nevermind, I found it! I had to also change it in postClosed.html

Harbormoon wrote a comment on Mon 9, January 2006


Just wanted to let you know that I installed your vSlider theme on my site and am very happy with the results. I also want to compliment you on how easy it is to tweak the code so that I could make the few minor adjustments that I thought were necessary. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on my new look so just wanted to say thanks and Happy New Year!

灵感点亮生活 » Blog Archive » 升级WordPress到2.0 sent a pingback on Wed 11, January 2006

[...] 顺便换了个theme - vSlider。新版本的控制台更美观,更人性化了,针对Post有不少功能上的优化,更有写的快感了。Post框现在可以定制行数。 Link可以选择Open new window。Post时可以直接插入附件。 [...]

Tobias Gaiselmann » Webblog erneut eröffnet… sent a pingback on Thu 12, January 2006

[...] Der Theme “vSlider” des Blog ist frei verfügbar und stammt von http://irui.ac/cool-stuff/vslider. Vielen Dank hierfür! Super Arbeit.   [...]

[...] Der Theme “vSlider” des Blog ist frei verfügbar und stammt von http://irui.ac/cool-stuff/vslider. Vielen Dank hierfür! Super Arbeit. [...]

Spice Cx » Thai Kingdom Come » Wordpress laajennukset sent a pingback on Sat 14, January 2006

[...] Leiska on meikattu vSlider (theme by Rui Pereira) En ole itse graafikko… olisi masentavaa katsella päivittäin jotain omaa viritystä ja todennäköisesti suurin osa vapaa-ajasta hupenisi pikselin viilaamiseen… eli parempi näin, siis ihan kaikkien puolesta ok. [...]

K Bob wrote a comment on Mon 16, January 2006

In regards to the error Unable to access randomHeader.html on line 32:
I have received that error too. For me, it was as simple as renaming randomheader.html to randomHeader.html.


[...] As you can see, I’ve been tinkering with the look of this site again. I’m using the vSlider theme. Click the little oval over on the right hand side of the title area and you’ll see why it’s called vSlider. Obviously, I’ve still got to figure out some of the stuff, and see what all it can do, but it seems like a pretty cool theme. [...]

Joe wrote a comment on Tue 17, January 2006

Like everyone else here, I am thankful for the theme, it looks great, and is exactly what I was looking for. I was having a hard time getting the comments function to work (this might be a WP function, not just theme thing). I can register users, but when I log in at the link called “You must be logged in to post a comment,” I am still unable to leave comments.

This happens for users of all permissions, too (subscribe, contribute, owner). Do you folks have any ideas what it might be? Thanks for your help (and your great theme).

AlessandroCarrozzo.cjb.net » Blog Archive » Grafica nuova sent a pingback on Sat 21, January 2006

[...] Tema di origine: vSlider v1.0 - Visita il sito  [...]

yourenglishclass.com » Blog Archive » New Look sent a pingback on Tue 24, January 2006

[...] As you know by now, I had a major database crash, which left me no option — I had to delete the old MySQL database and create a new one.  The end result was that I lost about six months of files.  On the bright side, the page has a nice new look. I’m using a new theme for both WordPress and Gallery2 called vSlider. I have the design skills of a Luddite, so I need a great theme like this one. [...]

Taking Aim » Blog Archive » Welcome! sent a pingback on Thu 26, January 2006

[...] And I have to say, it’s a very pretty blog. Sadly, the design isn’t my work - it’s all the work of Rui Pereira, who designed the wonderful vslider theme. Over the next few days, I’ll be customising it some - changing the header image for a start - and probably making it look far less attractive than it does now. OK, now it’s late - I’ve spent the last couple of hours installing Wordpress 2 (which is fantastic, by the way). Time to sleep now, and blog later. [...]

[...] In an effort to get back some drive into my photography I thought I needed a want to share them .. so I have also implented Gallery 2 (by menalto) in the back end as well as wordpress 2.0 .. found a theme (as listed at the bottom) that has a nice look and everything. [...]

marshallandmelissa.com » Blog Archive » well I lied.. sent a pingback on Fri 27, January 2006

[...] ..I ended up using someone else’s theme anyways. I’m making use of the vSlider theme (which is actually meant for WordPress 1.5+, but it seems to work with 2.0) and its accompanying vSlider G2 theme for Gallery2. [...]

[...] Current mood. Loving it. And I want to give a frickin’ BJ to the guy who created the vSlider theme for Wordpress, ’cause I fucking love it! [...]

Worldtraveler.at » Blog Archive » Foto Gallerie implementiert sent a pingback on Tue 31, January 2006

[...] Damit die Gallerie und Wordpress in einem Design sind, habe ich die Designvorlagen von vSlider verwendet. THX an Rui Pereira für das tolle Design. Jetzt muss ich es nur noch an meine Bedürfnisse anpassen. [...]

Chris Leck wrote a comment on Sat 4, February 2006

I’m new to WordPress, vSlider, and PHP. I’m very impressed with vSlider. One of the very time-consuming parts of implementation was to find suitable skin. I hope you like my implementation.

Anyhow, I’ve run across a bug. The search function only works from the home page. On most other pages, I get a 404: “The requested URL /contact/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.” On one page, the search actually dumps me into a server directory.

The problem seems to be that the search is not relative and starts from the site root. If I enter a search from ‘http://chrisleck.com/wp//about/,’ the URI that generates the error is ‘http://chrisleck.com/about/.’ (WordPress is installed in /wp/, not the site root.)

I’m not sure how to pursue this. Any Thoughts?

Chris Leck wrote a comment on Sat 4, February 2006

Rui, I found the problem. Fantastico (the server app that my hosting service uses to install software packages) did not configure things correctly. There are a couple of tweaks that need to be made, such as moving index.html to the site root. Cheers!

Chris Leck wrote a comment on Sun 5, February 2006

OK, I think I may really, really solved it this time. Your ’searchform.html’ and the default skin’s ’searchform.html’ exhibit the same problem on my system. The search is done relative to the current document and fails on pages other than the home page.

From my home page, a search URI might look like ‘http://chrisleck.com/?s=laska’.

From my ‘Contact’ page, the URI would look like ‘http://chrisleck.com/Contact?s=laska’ and produce an error.

The fix seems to be to change ‘$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']‘ to ‘$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']‘ in ’searchform.html’.

If I knew the first thing about PHP, maybe I would have solved this in minutes instead of hours. Maybe something else is wrong and this is just a hack. Still, I feel good that I was able to sleuth it out.

[...] iRui.ac - Home of vSlider » vSlider for WordPress Comprehensive list of 545 Free WordPress 1.5 Themes / Templates available for download [...]

Sadish and WordPress » V-Slider theme sent a pingback on Tue 7, February 2006

[...] I would like to introduce you to this theme, V-Slider 1.0. It has a set of nice built-in features., and is easy on the eyes. Check it out ! [...]

Toni wrote a comment on Fri 10, February 2006

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started using your theme. I really love it! I just have one small question though.

On IE, the “login” section of my sidebar is not lined up with the rest. Although I added my own stuff to the sidebars, I didn’t do anything with the “login” section to mess it up like that. Do you have any advice?

Toni wrote a comment on Fri 10, February 2006

Also, how do I do the random header plugin? Do I create a bunch of headers and name them the same thing, or something like header1, header2, etc? Thanks!

Kaonashi Ga Suki » Blog Archive » Cool New Theme! sent a pingback on Sat 11, February 2006

[...] Check out this badass new theme I found. It’s called Vslider. Why? Click on the little ovals in the upper right on each post. Cooooooooooooooool, eh? [...]

Toni wrote a comment on Sat 11, February 2006

Hello, I figured out the header thing. But I have another question. I’d like for the posts to stay closed. That way, people will have to open up the posts and use the slider. I don’t know much about PHP and I don’t want to mess up anything. Thanks.

Em Manutencao - Being Updated sent a pingback on Mon 13, February 2006

[...] [...]

Tom wrote a comment on Tue 21, February 2006


thanks for the great theme. I have a little problem with the header. My WP ist installed in http://mypage.de/wordpress/ … as soon as ‘I am clicking on “Photos” it is linking me to http://myhomepage.de/wp-gallery2.html instead of http://myhomepage.de/wordpress/wp-gallery2.html��.sidebar works fine….the embedded path is validated…any idea what could be wrong?? Thanks in advance


MyShantou » Blog Archive » New Look and…wow! MyShantou sent a pingback on Thu 23, February 2006

[...] I have updated the blog to the latest version. And tonight I spent a bit time to look for a new template for it. Finally chose Vslider which looks quite cool to me, hope it will be bring a new feeling to our readers and visitors as well. [...]

Segler wrote a comment on Tue 28, February 2006

Yes, vSlider rules ;-)

freu mich gerade, die Lösung für das Nichtvorhandensein der Datums-Angabe gefunden zu haben!

Merkwürdigerweise ist dennoch in den älteren posts nicht überall das Datum, sondern nur die (englische) Zeit drin.
Wie bekomme ich die eigentlich auf ne 24-Stunden-Anzeige in Deutsch?

Andere Newbie-Frage:
kann mir bitte jemand sagen, in welcher der vielen CSS-Dateien man den Seiten-Hintergrund ändern kann. Möchte gern ein pic da reintun.


LemonHead wrote a comment on Sun 5, March 2006

For the random header pictures do I need to create a certain size picture ? Whats the easiest way of ajusting the picture so it fits in the header ?

LemonHead wrote a comment on Tue 7, March 2006

I thimk I figured out how to size the pictures. However, I do not get a new picture each time I click on the header. It rotates on 2 pictures only not the 10 pictures I downloaded. Any ideas ?

Craig wrote a comment on Wed 8, March 2006

Not Found

The requested URL /v/Family/Roxyprom/IMG_1013.JPG.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Whenever I click on a image link (since no image shows) I get the above message.. The images show in Gallery however.. Thanks

LemonHead wrote a comment on Wed 8, March 2006

Craig, I had the same issue. It can be fixed by following the below link and look for “To fix the “OK The document has moved here.” and “404 Status Code” errors: ”

Leonalim.com » Revamped site sent a pingback on Thu 9, March 2006

[...] Hi guys, check out ArmyofThree’s revamped site. I put a lot of hours into it when I had to upgrade to WP 2.0.1 so thought I might as well integrate the existing Gallery 1 into Gallery 2 and with some tweaks to the new WPG2 template, and walla…what do you think? Now it looks more smooth as you go from the main site to the Gallery. I think the Siriux template in Gallery 2 looked nicer than the vSlider template that came together in the WPG2 package. [...]

aNieto2K » vSlider, Sandox y más themes para Wordpress sent a pingback on Sat 11, March 2006

[...] vSlide y Emire son dos themes distintos pero parecidos en serenidad, elegancia y gusto. Personalmente me han encantado e incluso empezé a modificar el Emire para adaptarlo a mis necesidades, pero desistí, me cansé de tanto negro (deformación profesional ¿o no Juan?). [...]

New Sense » Blog Archive » Time for a Change… sent a pingback on Wed 15, March 2006

[...] PS: Got a all new cool 404 error page (thanks to the super cool theme vSlider) You can see it here: 404 page   Mood : accomplished  Music : Aisa Desh hai Mera - Veer Zarah [...]

expat.dyndns.org » Blog Archive » A New Look sent a pingback on Mon 20, March 2006

[...] It is still based on Wordpress and Gallery, only now I am using the latest releases of both packages which proved both easier to configure and easier to get working together than the earlier version I was using. Integration of the two was made even simpler than before using the WPG2 plugin and the vSlider theme. A few hours of Googling for setup hints and some Photoshop frustration later (to create the header images), and you have what you see in front of you. [...]

[...] Ако, поради някаква неведома причина, все още не сте забелязали - смених си старата GreenTrack тема на блога с нова - vSlider. Естествено, vSlider претърпя няколко малки модификации, а и все още не съм съвсем доволен (например от картинката горе), но всяко нещо с времето си. [...]

[...] Il secondo ritocco, quello che sicuramente gli aficionados avranno notato, è il cambio di tema per quanto concerne la grafica. Siccome ho iniziato a fare l’update in piena notta, inizialmente l’idea era quella di lasciare il tema di default, andare a nanna e poi decidere con calma domattina quale grafica adottare. Ed invece no, non ho resistito!!! Dopo vari tentativi, sono giunto alla grande decisione: vSlider è il tema che fa a caso mio. [...]

Mike H wrote a comment on Thu 6, April 2006

Thanks so much, I am running WP 2.0.2 and the Most recent release of G2 and their coming together is realy something else..


Mike H wrote a comment on Sat 8, April 2006

How did you get the ring around your header image?

Henrik Buchwald wrote a comment on Wed 19, April 2006

I use your vSlider on http://www.sonnerasmussen.dk - and i will thank you for a wonderful job.

Best and thanks


G.P. wrote a comment on Sat 29, April 2006

[snap] … some Photoshop frustration later (to create the header images) … [/snap]

I found the freeware tool BorderMaker at http://docsdb.semantica.nl/bordermaker/

It’s perfect for creating the nice round borders and texts at the header images.

JSP wrote a comment on Wed 3, May 2006

Fantastic Theme, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

One question/issue: picture alignment with WPG2 tags seem to be ignored, all pictures end up left-bottom. Is this the theme?


oneandhalf computing wrote a comment on Thu 18, May 2006

it is really a stylish theme I have ever seen. obviously you have done fantastic job here.

Fan of Don Lapre wrote a comment on Wed 15, November 2006

I have found that thisa theme is the easiest to manage that I have ever encountered. Thanks a million!

Fan of Don Lapre
[email protected]

Vince wrote a comment on Tue 28, November 2006

Anyone having any issues with IE7? I just typed up a new post and the text is cut off on my front page. Any ideas?

Ëèñà-Àëèñà wrote a comment on Wed 13, December 2006

Ìîé áîéôðåíä ïèêàïåð, íî çà÷åì åìó ýòî ÿ äî ñèõ ïîð íå âúåäó. ß êðàñèâàÿ,
äîáðàÿ (íó âñ¸ â ýòîì äóõå), à îí âñå ðàâíî ïîø¸ë íà òðåíèíã-ìàñòðå, ãäå ó÷àò ñîáëàçíÿòü :(.
Ñêàæèòå ëþäè íà êàêîé õ.. åìó ýòî?

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 14, January 2007

Vince, the problem is related to the size of the pictures in your post. They are too big, and IE7 is enlarging that area. Firefox behaves much better :)
Try to resize them…

utah fan wrote a comment on Mon 22, January 2007

Very nice theme. Just wondering, with all the users of this theme if there is a tool to create the header jpeg i.e. sized correctly with appropirate border, rounded corners, and text (if desired). Something like kubrickr.

Katie wrote a comment on Mon 16, April 2007

Just serfed in. Great site, guys!7

MaryJames wrote a comment on Thu 24, May 2007

Hello all

How I can change avatar in this forum?

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