vSlider for Gallery2

This is an outdated version of vSlider. Version 3 is available here.

Download: vSlider-WPG2.zip

This is the companion theme of vSlider for Gallery2. Like many people, I like the combination of WordPress + Gallery2 for blogging and photo management, and I wanted to have a completely seamless visual experience between the two. Since I created vSlider for WP, I felt compelled to create this add-on too. You can see this theme in action on my photos page.

Some highlights

  • Same visual experience as vSlider – great for anyone looking for one single theme for both environments.
  • Optimized for a narrow layout.
  • The sidebar never uses up any of your precious space. It slides down and overlays with transparency. All you screen real-estate can be used for the important things… like… umm… photos!
  • Same cool looking sliding effects, used for album descriptions (you only see them if you really want to), and for the sidebar.
  • Fancy transparency effects.
  • Tested on IE6, FireFox 1.0+ and Opera 8.5. Transparencies don’t work in Opera, this is a known limitation of this browser. Feedback on how other browsers behave is appreciated.


This theme requires the WPG2 plugin (to integrate WP and G2) and the original vSlider theme for WordPress to be installed and active.
This theme is not meant to be used stand alone in Gallery2! If you do it, it will look ugly and it will be unusable.


  1. Download the theme file.
  2. Unzip the contents to your \gallery2\themes\ folder.
  3. Install and activate the theme in the Admin options of Gallery2.
  4. Make sure you have the WPG2 plugin installed in WordPress
  5. In the WP administration panel, go to Options -> Gallery2 -> Style Options. Make sure that both “Use WP Custom Header” and “Use WP Custom Footer” are configured to “No”, and copy-paste these blocks of HTML:

    Simple Header

    <style type="text/css">
    .g2_column {margin: 0px 4px 0px 4px;width: 754px;}
    <div class="g2_column">

    Simple Footer

  6. You should now have a “Photos” option in the header main menu – just click on it and check it out.

If you have any problems, these links might help:
Configuring Embedded Options
WPG2 URL Rewrites (this can a be a tricky point)


This theme (like everything else on this site) is available under a Creative Commons License (in short, you can do whatever you want with it, as long as you give me credit for the original work).

34 Responses to “vSlider for Gallery2”

Mike wrote a comment on Tue 13, December 2005

Hello Rui,

Well, as the lone Macintosh voice in the wilderness, I was wondering if I could bring another small issue to light with the Safari browser re: the vSlider theme? As I have finally started to add content to my site, it only recently came to light.

To be specific, it’s in the Gallery part of the theme, in the excellent DHTML drop-down menu. When I view the gallery in a view that populates the field with thumbnails, the menu when dropped, displays correctly, over top of the thumbnail images, as illustrated: (hopefully this accepts tags)

But when I select a full-size picture view, the menu layers behind the full-size image, as shown:

This does not happen in the Macintosh version of Firefox, unfortunately over 90% of my target viewers are Mac users running Safari…I had a go at trying to solve this, but my CSS knowledge is quite rudimentary.

I have to say, the actual navigation interface is brilliant - I looked at a lot of different methods in diferent themes, and they were either ugly, non-intuitive, or too simple to be useful. Dare I say it, your implementation could be from the Apple industrial design team…nice and clean and simple, but powerful. I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep using it!


Aviris wrote a comment on Mon 19, December 2005


I love the themes and am using both of them. The only problem I am having is that no matter how I configure the theme in Gallery 2 administration, I cannot get comments to show up. I guess I should clarify - when I select “Show Comments” as one of the blocks to show on the photo page, it shows the image name (e.g. IMG_0001.jpg), but no actual comments. This is true even when I set it to show 999 (or any other number) of comments.

Any help would be appreciated as it is otherwise perfect.

Aviris wrote a comment on Mon 19, December 2005

Rui - never mind. I had (stupidly) removed the “View Comments” from the group permissions for my entire gallery.

Thanks again for the great themes.

Nathan wrote a comment on Wed 28, December 2005

Great set of themes. One question -> The photos link points to /wp-gallery2.html - I need it to point to /wordpress/wp-gallery2.html. How do I make this change?



Nathan wrote a comment on Wed 28, December 2005

Nevermind…. figured it out:

In Header.html, change:




Thanks again,


Torsten Brumm wrote a comment on Fri 30, December 2005

Hi Rui,

thanks for this great themes! Really good work!


Paul wrote a comment on Tue 17, January 2006

Is this theme compatible with WP2? No matter what I try, this is looking horribly wrong and/or gives broken links on everything.

I love the look of it and would really like to be able to use it as I think Gallery2, by itself, is absolutely the ugliest photo album setup I have ever seen. I deeply regret upgrading from Gallery1.5. I can not get over how terrible G2 is compared to 1.5

Thanks for any suggestions; if your theme isn’t compatible with WP2, I’ll have to figure something else out.

Paul wrote a comment on Tue 17, January 2006

Well, I seem to have figured something out….I disabled the URL ReWrite module, and I seem to have full functionality; and again, I have to say thanks for a great looking theme.

I think it is going to take me awhile to figure out this Gallery2; I just hope I can at least get it close to doing half of what the old gallery could do.

[...] It also has a companion Gallery2 theme that goes with it; which was a major factor in me deciding to use this theme. [...]

Wendi wrote a comment on Wed 18, January 2006

I’m downloading this WP theme and the Gallery theme to install. However, I noticed when I view your photo page that the thumbnails do not display. I had to use the drop down menu and look at the photos via the folder method and it worked the first time, but then after that again, no thumbnails would appear and I get an error icon in the bottom left hand corner of my screen stating that there are problems with the page and it may not display properly. I’m running IE6 on an XP platform. I’m afraid if I download and use this theme, it will do the same thing on my stuff. Any clue as to why this might be happening??

Yanyan Xu wrote a comment on Tue 24, January 2006

Where can i edit this drop down in the gallery?

“This is the main page of your Gallery”

Mike wrote a comment on Mon 6, February 2006


Great theme. I have successfully installed the wordpress2 theme as well as the WPG2 plugin/theme and it’s activated and has been validated etc. Everything is fine…. But, when i click on the photos link from the top I don’t see any thumbnails, only links to the photo albums. I have noticed this is the case for the sidebar (random photo) as well. Just a link to the photo album…

Any ideas as to why?

Mike wrote a comment on Mon 6, February 2006

Mike again,

I just noticed NO thumbnail or photo is showing when I select this theme. I have followed the installations instructions you have mentioned line by line. If I run the gallery as a stand-alone it works, although looks all over the place (I understand this is to be expected, and I do not have a problem with that). but as an embedded theme no photos are being displayed.

I am just wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that the actual photo album folder (g2data) is outside of my web root.

Marshall wrote a comment on Fri 10, February 2006

Hey Mike,

If you are using the latest version of Gallery2, then it looks like the vSlider theme isn’t compatible.

Two weeks ago, I was using Gallery2 version 2.0.2 and the integration was looking great with the embedded view of the gallery (through /wp-gallery2.html). The only thing that was hosed for me was when I tried to view Gallery2 through the /gallery2/ url.

A few days ago, I ran into an issue with logging into Gallery2 and upgraded to the nightly build of 2.1.0 (from the night of Feb 5). After that upgrade, I get an incompatibility error between the vSlider theme and the core Gallery2 libraries when I try to activate the theme in Gallery2.

I haven’t looked into things to see if there is just a version specified in the vSlider theme that I can update. In any case, if someone gets this theme to work again, that would be killer. I really liked it when it was running.

Thanks Rui,

PS: I’m running WordPress 2.0.

marshallandmelissa.com » Blog Archive » well I lied.. sent a pingback on Fri 10, February 2006

[...] ..I ended up using someone else’s theme anyways. I’m making use of the vSlider theme (which is actually meant for WordPress 1.5+, but it seems to work with 2.0) and its accompanying vSlider G2 theme for Gallery2. [...]

Petroski wrote a comment on Thu 2, March 2006


As in two previous posts ago, I’m having a problem installing the WPG2 plugin in Gallery. I get the error message, in the plugin manager as follows:

Gallery2 look and feel to match vSlider WordPress theme
Incompatible theme!
Core API Required: 6.5 (available: 7.1)
Theme API Required: 2.1 (available: 2.3)

I saw, somewhere, that someone had IDd the issue but am unable to find this again. I’m using Wordpress 2.01 and Gallery 2.1 RC1 which may be the problem. Any ideas or resources on this issue?


VooDooD wrote a comment on Fri 3, March 2006


I’m having the same problems as Petroski. Would realy love to get this fixed so that it works with Gallery 2 RC1. Would this be easy to do?

Petroski wrote a comment on Sun 5, March 2006

Hello All,

Well, I rolled up my sleeves and …. see the following resource archive:


I followed the directions and it works! See my website at:


I especially like the single admin login and cp, very nice! Thanks Rui, for an awesome example of what can be done with open source!


Petroski wrote a comment on Sun 5, March 2006

One more thing, if you are having problems with the Gallery admin tools using FireFox, the admin controls work perfectly in IE.


LemonHead wrote a comment on Sun 5, March 2006

I noticed when I try to print off this website the first page does not print (the header) from Firefox. This may be problematic for me since some of users may want to print out my site along with the header. I was about to load the theme, but I wanted to check on this issue first.

Jonathan wrote a comment on Sun 12, March 2006

Thanks for this excellent theme!
You can see it in action at my site.

Do you mind me asking how you did the tag cloud on your archive page? Or did you do it by hand? I’ve been looking everywhere for this module!


Matthew wrote a comment on Tue 14, March 2006

After 3 long days of getting my install correct for this. I finally get it done and everything is working fine EXCEPT the gallery link does not show on the top of my page in the header.I am running gallery2.1 Release 2A.Please help me.thanks

[...] vSlider G2 great for photoblogging [...]

Adam wrote a comment on Thu 23, March 2006

Hello. I really like the WP/G2 theme so far! However, I’m having a minor issue. I’m trying to place an overlapping PNG in my header. Works great in Firefox and was hoping the pngfix.js you included would make it work in IE but I can’t get it to. One thing I noticed is that the pngfix.js appears to reference ‘1×1.gif’ which does not appear to be included with your theme. Could this be all I’m missing to get this working? Have you tested this? Thanks!

Ray wrote a comment on Thu 30, March 2006


First of all - GREAT JOB!!
I have a question about your vSlider for Gallery2…I have just installed Gallery 2.1 and WPG2 version 2.0 and it seems like your vSlider Theme is not compatible with Gallery 2.1. This was the error that I got from Gallery 2: Incompatible theme!
Core API Required: 6.5 (available: 7.2)
Theme API Required: 2.1 (available: 2.3)

Is there a quick fix for this? I really want your theme to work with my wordpress!!


Jay wrote a comment on Sat 1, April 2006

There is a way to solve that api issue:


Jonathan wrote a comment on Sat 1, April 2006

Getting an error on a brand new install which includes the latest versions of gallery (2.1 stable), WPG2 and this theme, when trying to activate the theme in Gallery2
when using php5 it says
Fatal error: Call to a member function isError() on a non-object in /home/mysite/public_html/horse/gallery2/themes/vSlider/theme.inc on line 125

when using php4 it says
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/mysite/public_html/horse/gallery2/themes/vSlider/theme.inc on line 125

Michael wrote a comment on Sat 1, April 2006

Hi Rui Pereira! THX a lot for your great vSlider Theme - BUT - we need an update of the Gallery2 2.1 Theme & WPG2. Please help us ;)
I would like to use your theme for the feature….

THX a lot

LELE Creator wrote a comment on Sun 9, April 2006

Today I had a great idea to upgrade Gallery 2.1
azz… I did’t see here that there are problems with vSlide Theme G2.
Rui helps us…
I hope into your answer

LELE from Italy

JO'B wrote a comment on Sun 30, April 2006

Great theme. It is really well put together. I ended up switching from Connections (which we really liked) because you had better WP2 & G2 integration.

I have one issue which I can’t figure out how to resolve. On the photos page (http://www.theobriens.ca/wp-gallery2.html) I am getting a J shaped frame that doesn’t lineup beside the image. I’ve checked each of the albums and they don’t have a frame set

I’ve flushed all the appropriate areas in G2 and have rebuilt all the thumbnails. Is this part of the template? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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China Landscape wrote a comment on Mon 20, August 2007

Can be used by another CMS Joomla for exemple ?

Care to comment?