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We have come a long way from the days where if you wanted to make changes to your website, you’d need to have a deep understanding of (at least) HTML and CSS. Although behind the scenes that code still exists today, you don’t need to be a web developer to make basic changes or upgrades to your site. The evolution of software offers us incredible accessibility; opening the gates to things people would have had to dedicate hours learning out of a textbook just a decade ago. As technology progresses, it will only become easier to add more advanced elements to our websites.

Look no further than slideshows. People have always loved slideshows, dating back from “moving picture shows”, or connecting the family camera to the TV to showcase a recent vacation. Slideshows are an excellent way to display information in an informative, yet attention attracting way. Over the past couple years slideshows have become extremely easy to integrate into websites. You can customize many different settings, choose from a variety of styles, and make changes in only a couple minutes. There are a couple different kinds of slideshow technologies you can add to your website. Today we’ll we showcasing jQuery slideshow templates. jQuery is a cross-platform Javascript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is a fairly new technology, being released in January 2006 by John Resig. jQuery refers to itself as “The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript library”. jQuery slideshows tend to be very lightweight, not requiring much heavy lifting from your server.

Common features amongst jQuery slideshow templates include:

Responsive designs. Create dynamic slideshows that will adapt to the size of the user’s screen just as water fills the shape of its container.
Mobile support. Many jQuery slideshow templates include mobile support that allows visitors on smartphone or tablet devices to interact with your slideshow naturally.
Unique transition effects. You will have no shortage of transition effects. Just don’t spend hours choosing which one you like best… get back to work!
Video support. Some slideshow templates will include video support, allowing you to insert a relevant video along with all of your images.
Easy installation. As we alluded to in the beginning of this article, setup is very easy.

It’s important to test compatibility when you are demoing multiple slideshow templates. Most templates will claim to have full compatibility across the most popular browsers and operating systems, but it’s rare to find two websites exactly the same, you never know if there could be a conflict. A common issue is a cache/pagespeed plugin preventing the slideshow from displaying. This can be solved by adding your slideshow to the cache/minify exception list.

jQuery slideshow compliment content very well, and are a great fit on sites you are happy with the content, but feel as though it may come across a little bland. Check out a jQuery slideshow template for yourself to discover just how simple it is to add one of these beautiful slideshows to your site today.
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