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There is an art to creating a beautiful, yet functional, website. If you note each website you visit throughout 24 hours, you will notice that your average website doesn’t combine these two elements very well. Often times you will come across a site abundant with detailed information, answering all the questions you could possibly imagine about the primary topic, but the site is rather bland and boring. On the contrary, I have run into hundreds of sites that look like they have invested thousands of dollars into a gorgeous premium design, but the actual content on the page is composed of meaningless fluff that leaves you wondering if the author actually understands anything about the given topic at all. Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the time to tackle every problem the common website has, so I’ll stick with a single issue: balancing function and design.

The secret to concocting the perfect synergy of digital aesthetics with informative content is to add elements which naturally combine the two together. You want to present your information in a visually appealing way without damaging the readability of the articles. Popular ways of accomplishing this include infographics, visual representations of data (graphs, charts, etc.), or simply adding a detailed caption to a complex photo. All of these methods incorporate a photographic element, which provides the visitor an easy to digest, non-intimidating, element that will naturally draw them in. Magazines exist only because of our natural draw to a proper balance of photos and text.

My favorite way to incorporate this magazine technique to my websites is through digital slideshows. A slideshow is a pleasantly brief change of pace from the walls of text that haunt old and ancient websites throughout the internet. A slideshow is the perfect story telling medium that offers a fresh new image in set intervals while the reader is making their way through the text at their own pace. Finally, slideshows are universal. I find little reason to confuse visitors with complicated content created with a mountain of code just so they can be amused by the novelty of a couple page elements following them as they scroll downwards. Visitors will instantly know how to make use of your online slideshow upon first glance.

Slideshow templates make implementing a slideshow to your own websites a breeze. Setup is simple, but the options are endless. The wide variety of slideshow templates available allow for certain luxuries, such as choosing from various transition effects, layouts, interval of slides, and much more. You will be in full control of how you want your slideshow displayed. Your visitors won’t require any sort of compatibility plugins – modern slideshow templates use already popular technologies; such as HTML5 and jQuery. Find the slideshow template that’s right for you today to create a better visiting experience for your website. Choose from a wide selection to find the template that matches your content perfectly. Enhancing your content has never been easier. Download the right slideshow template for your content now.
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