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We’re all well aware about the breakneck pace at which technology is constantly evolving – but is it always fast enough? Take a look at HTML; the basic code behind every website you find on the internet. The most recent HTML standard is HTML5, which was a candidate recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as of December 2013. Prior to that, we had HTML 4.01, which came in 1999. A large percentage of websites you come across today will not meet HTML5 standards, but rather the 4.01 rules from nearly 15 years ago. That’s pretty surprisingly for an industry that is often remarked to have such an incredibly fast pace of evolution, isn’t it? The beauty of HTML5 is the minimalism is tries to create. It uses new syntactic features that are designed to make including multimedia and graphical content easy, without having to fall back on any proprietary plugins or APIs. In an internet full of HTML5, we may not ever see the dreaded “you must download Flash player to see this video”, or “Java requires permission to run” ever again. Folks who work in IT would save hours of time dealing with complete non-issues.
This is all great, but how can I benefit from HTML5 as a website owner?

HTML5 offers a wide variety of cool add-ons you can implement onto your website extremely easily. One of my favorite HTML5 powered gadgets is the slideshow. You can create beautiful, picture rich, slideshows without having to worry about your visitors having Adobe Flash Player, or JavaScript enabled. HTML5 slideshows compliment websites nicely without doing severe damage to your load times, or conflicting with any pre-existing code on your site. These are benefits unique to HTML5 slideshows; it’s rare to be able to adopt a product with so many features without having to worry too much about compatibility.

Inserting a slideshow on your site can be done effortlessly with an HTML5 slideshow template. These templates make it easy for you to control all the fine details (transition effects, layout, time spent per picture, etc.) without becoming complicated. Local business owners can show online visitors a virtual tour through their physical locations, or keep a constant stream of popular inventory up. Grab an HTML5 slideshow template for your blog to showcase your latest vacation to family and friends. There are a wide variety of applications for these lightweight slideshows.

Adding an HTML5 slideshow to your site puts you ahead of the curve. Ditch your old technology in favor of the sleek new one that can make your life easier. There is tremendous comfort in knowing that you won’t have to worry about a never-ending user testing process, but rather you can rest assured by abstaining from third party plugins. Get your HTML5 slideshow template today to start sharing your story with the visitors that want to hear it.