vSlider slides across the world

Sat 26, November 2005 20:07:16

It makes me extremely happy that a lot of people have downloaded my vSlider theme and are using it on their blogs. I’ve seen it being used from South America to Japan :)
It’s a good feeling to give something back to the community from which I got so much.

Some people have asked me how to change the header image, or how to get the effect they see on iRui.ac of getting a different image on each page refresh. It’s really, really simple. If you look to the folder structure of the theme, you will notice that the default image is located in \vSlider\images\headers\vSlider.jpg, but there is no direct link to this image on the HTML code. That is because I’ve added a little bit of PHP code that selects randomly any image located on that same folder. That is, just dump all your header images there, and they will be immediately picked up – you don’t have to change any code. They should all be the same size as the default one, of course.

I would also like to ask for some feedback on how well the theme works in other browsers and operating systems. As I mentioned in the download page of the theme, I only know how it looks and behaves in IE, FireFox and Opera. If you can leave some comments about this, I would appreciate it.
Also, if you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to shout them out!

16 Responses to “vSlider slides across the world”

Richard.H wrote a comment on Sat 26, November 2005

It’s a cool template, I might give it a try later.

Mario Walker wrote a comment on Sun 27, November 2005

Excellent theme. Probably one of the best.

pascal wrote a comment on Sun 27, November 2005

Great theme I must say…

Is it possible to make the header smaller (height)? I tried to replace the vslider.jpg with a jpg of 100×762 and it’s still 200px high.

Thanks in advance,

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 27, November 2005

Pascal, yes you can make it smaller, but just changing the image is not enough. You have to edit the file style_header.css, and find this block of code:

#headerimg {
height: 200px;
width: 762px;
margin: 15px auto 0 auto;

Change the height from 200px to 100px.
That should do it.

pascal wrote a comment on Sun 27, November 2005

Well, I’ve done exactly what you suggest here (seemed like the right thing to do) but on my computer the spacing was still the same.
However, I’m now on a pc of someone else, and there the header is 100 pixels :)

I think I have to flush my cache or sth like that on my own pc.
Thanks for the quick response tough :)

By the way: is there a chance that you’re going to make another WPG2-theme, maybe derrived from this one?

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 28, November 2005

I already did the vSlider WPG2 companion theme. It’s also available for download…. so… I’m not sure what are you asking

Mike wrote a comment on Mon 28, November 2005

Fantastic theme, working on adapting my site to it…FYI, it works great in Apple’s Safari v2.0.2, which is not always the case with themes developed for *ahem* IE only…great work.

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 28, November 2005

Really good news Mike. I don’t have a Mac available to test it, so this info is really helpful. Thanks!

bombfans wrote a comment on Thu 1, December 2005

It is very beautiful. I like it very much! Thank you for your work.

Djerk wrote a comment on Sat 24, December 2005

Is there any way to make the theme have a dynamic width? As opposed to the fixed fidth it has now. Most ppl I know have screen resolutions higher than the 1400×1024 I have and it looks narrow on my screen. The reason I’m asking for dynamic is that some ppl might have a smaller screen and will have to scroll if I’d set the width any higher than it is now…

Thanks for a great theme btw.

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 25, December 2005

Hi Djerk,

in short, no, it is not easy. The backgrounds of this theme are made using images that obviously don’t expand.
It could be possible (maybe) to slice up the images even further (separating the corners), and alter the HTML to use expanding areas with repeated patterns – but that will take a LOT of work. If anybody out there wants to give a try, they are more than welcome :)

Djerk wrote a comment on Thu 19, January 2006

That’s kinda what I was thinking about, not that I’m experienced enough to do so at all. But my idea would be to have an image width as per default in the theme. Then fill out the sides depending on the browser width. Not sure what to do with the rim around the image though.

So currently my wish list is a dynamic width as stated above and overlaying the site title dynamically as I have no means for generating header images with a rim or text on them. Nothing I dare put on my site anyway…

Tx for the theme I really like it.

Guy wrote a comment on Wed 1, February 2006

What needs to be done to change the width of the page? I want the width to be 862px instead of 762px, but it seems the width and width derived values are sprinkled all over the style sheets. Do you have a list of what needs change? Thanks.

Great theme btw, love the clean design.

12Barblues wrote a comment on Mon 13, February 2006

Hi Rui

I like it ! I try to translate it french for my own blog. I hope you will be agree.

Bonjour Rui

j’adore votre thème, et j’essaye de le traduire en français pour mon blog personnel. J’espère que vous n’y voyez pas d’inconvénients


Aaron Radke wrote a comment on Wed 15, November 2006

I was not happy with any of the formats until I came accross vslider2. Thank you so much for your work and making it available to everyone on wordpress. It is beutiful and simple.

Djerk Geurts wrote a comment on Wed 28, February 2007


Just another thought, well actually I though of hacking it myself but I’m lacking the time and it would be my first touch of javascript. Would it be possible to combine the following things:

- Check the inside window width (usable pixels)
- Find nearest standardised page width and set variables for style_header.css to pick up and use

I’m ok with generating 3 header images in subfolders of where the header images are now. Next step would be to get two images overlayed so you can generate a fitting border with a ’see through’ center. The image to be displayed would effectively be cropped.

The latter would not be liked by a number so personally I’d leave that for someone else ;)

Come to think of it I remember a number of sites that have a selectable screen size leaving it up to the user to select a width. This would only require altering the parameters as parsed by default from the css file and changing the path to point to a bunch of set width header images…

Care to comment?