Gallery2 is online!

Mon 17, October 2005 10:43:00

Finally… this took a LOT longer than I thought. When I decided to make a new theme for Gallery2 to make it seamless integrated with WordPress, I knew that it would take some time, but this baby took ages! Ok, it’s my fault, because I kept changing the layout and wanting to add more “cool” things - “I just add a great idea!! What if I added a transparent side menu that slides over the contents? These way, I don’t use up any space of the pictures… Uh, uh, and, what if…”. Yep, the hours just pilled up doing crazy stuff.
Anyway, it’s finally working now as I wanted – I still have a few issues to solve/improve, but these will be fixed in time. Check it out on the link of the top bar.
Now the process of uploading photos begins…

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