Progress - Gallery2 and WPG2

Mon 10, October 2005 13:54:13

Ok, progress on the site is going a bit slow, but steady. I officially named my theme vSlider! It’s practically finished, but it has been put on hold, mainly because I’m now working on setting up Gallery2. Of course, I want to have everything customized and integrated, so I’m also making a theme for G2 that matches the vSlider look and feel, and blend them together with the fantastic WPG2. If I’m successful (and I will be!), I’ll have a full WordPress + Gallery2 custom theme.

One Response to “Progress - Gallery2 and WPG2”

oneandhalf computing wrote a comment on Thu 18, May 2006

gallery2 is an excellent album software. it is really excited to see u get this intergrated into wordpress.

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