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Final tests

Mon 18, June 2007 0:12:43

Yep, it’s almost there. Crossing the T’s and pointing the I’s and all that. I need to do some more testing in different browsers, since I recently discovered that vSlider 3 was badly broken in IE6. To be honest, I shouldn’t even bother, since everybody should just use Firefox anyway. But unfortunately, according to the stats, IE is still the most used browser in the world, so I can’t just ignore it. I’ve already used some pretty horrible hacks, and I still need a few more to get everything to work nicely.
On the good news, IE7 seems to be far more standards-compliant (no big complains so far) and Apple launched Safari for Windows, which enables me to actually test stuff in Safari for the first time :)

7 Responses to “Final tests”

Rackafella wrote a comment on Mon 18, June 2007

Nice to hear that theres progress :D
Will there be featuering a new theme for Gallery2 also?

And you shuld test it on the new WPG2 3.0 beta :)

you rule! :D

Class wrote a comment on Mon 18, June 2007

Muy bien! :) :) :)

Thanks for working so hard!

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 18, June 2007

Yes, there will be a new vSlider for Gallery2 as well.
I haven’t looked at WPG2 3.0 yet - I’ll try to test that also.

Eddy wrote a comment on Mon 18, June 2007

Great, I can’t wait untill you finish.
Thanx on forehand for the work!

Stefano wrote a comment on Mon 18, June 2007

Great news, i’m too coutious to see new stable theme ;)

Nima wrote a comment on Tue 19, June 2007


I just updated my Wordpress software, Gallery software, all the plugins, and am about to upgrade to WPG3.

I will be waiting for the new theme to update. :)


Jonathan wrote a comment on Thu 21, June 2007

Rui? You rule! Another donation will come your way with the release! Don’t worry too much about those people with IE6, OK, there are a few more now, but it’s quickly changing. It’s their loss - IE7 is fast and free to download. Oh, hang on it’s not for Win2k or Win98.
Then they must change to something else as you say!

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