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vSlider 3 is coming!

Tue 10, April 2007 15:07:00

Following the input I got from the vSlider RFI (btw, thanks for all the feedback), I’ve been a busy little bee and started coding away. What started as a few improvements turned out to be a major redesign of the entire thing… I went back and looked to what were the main obstacles to implement the most suggested features, and it turns out I had to completely rethink the way the theme was built.
The result is a new and improved vSlider - version 3! I don’t want to go into details just yet, but I’ll leave you with two “teasers”: flexible widths and color schemes :)

Oh, and I can’t promise yet when it will be ready, but it will be soon…

19 Responses to “vSlider 3 is coming!”

xujon wrote a comment on Tue 10, April 2007

I can’t wait to see it!!!

very appreciate for provding these themes… ;)

Henrik Buchwald wrote a comment on Wed 11, April 2007

It is good news - the “old ” vSlider is still a good skin for wordpress

Jonathan wrote a comment on Thu 12, April 2007

Excellent news - as the previous comment said, vslider is still one of the best bits of software there, but I think it is a bit “narrow” on todays bigger screens.

Keep up the good work - the perfect package to bring two good bits of software (wordpress and gallery) together!

Raz wrote a comment on Wed 18, April 2007

can’t wait Rui! any more “teasers”???

Lele wrote a comment on Fri 20, April 2007

Great news :)
I’m so happy…

Good Work Rui !


viktor wrote a comment on Wed 25, April 2007

great theme. great work.
it would be awesome if widgets would be supported and
maybe give an option of making the layout wider.
also, it would be really cool if we could add links to custom built html pages to the top navigation menu instead of only WP pages. That would really help.


viktor wrote a comment on Fri 27, April 2007

Posting again.
vSlider2 supports only adSende-Deluxe, I got a problem that when I try to add blocks it says adsense-deluxe.html cannot load. I went on to the homepage and noticed that last post they ever had was in March ‘06. Plus, they haven’t replied to my emails. I think they are done with it. It would be great if 3rd version would support another ad plugin.


DancesWithWords wrote a comment on Tue 1, May 2007

Ooooh Aaaah the anticipation. Looking forward to this redesigned theme.

PS. Don’t forget to sleep occasionally. ;-)

martin wrote a comment on Sat 5, May 2007


i love ur theme and i am really looking forward for the update.
one thin i noticed is that my visitors never leave comments on the pictures. this might be because they are all slackers :-) or because they don’t know they can leave comments. In the past I used a different theme and I did not have heaps of comments but at least some. Is there a way to have a box with the options ‘floating’ on the side of the album?
Or maybe it could expand to the side onClick and it could have a little title/description to make people at least curious to check out what it is.


Daniel wrote a comment on Sat 5, May 2007

have you ever heard about the WP Plugin Geo Mashup? Very nice, you can link articles with pins on a Google Map. Unfortunately your VSlider 2 doesn’t work when using IE, but Firefox works. The problem occures when showing the map the background of the map stayed grey. When using another Theme, it works.
I’m very looking forward for your 3rd version! Maybe this will fix the problem.
Thanks, Daniel

Volker Hett wrote a comment on Mon 7, May 2007

Great news! I’m looking forward to it. Just updated Gallery and WPG2 and found the random picture broken. I came here to investigate if anybody reported this.

So I just take out the random picture for the time beeing.



Jason wrote a comment on Wed 9, May 2007

Glad to hear theres a new version in the works, absolutely love this theme. Many Thanks!

Rui wrote a comment on Sun 13, May 2007

Hi guys,

work is still in progress… the WordPress theme is actually almost finished, but the Gallery2 still needs some serious coding.
Although it might not look like it, I *am* following the comments :) So keep them coming!

BJ wrote a comment on Tue 15, May 2007

Awesome. I’m really looking forward to the updates. I found Vslider clean and really easy to modify. Variable width will be amazing (I’m already running a modifed width Vslider2). Thank you for all your hard work.

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[…] the theme this site uses, Vslider, is undergoing development by the author who has a new version in the […]

Rackafella wrote a comment on Sun 20, May 2007

Great! I cant wait :D
Hopefully it will be optimized to Wordpress 2.2 and Gallery 2.2 (and WPG2.2 if ever released… :)?
Good luck and hurry up, a lot of peaple loves your theme!

Nima wrote a comment on Tue 29, May 2007

This would be a great update… I would love the flexible width…
Also, please implement Wordpress SEO options. Here are some that I’ve done in my own website:

- SEO title both for WP and Gallery (I have an article on it on my blog that you can read)
- I have made the Titles in Gallery as Links and the search engines pick it up a lot faster (again you can look at my blog)

I was going to update my blog myself with the theme and all, but now I will wait for the new version of your theme to come out…

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work..

Michael wrote a comment on Mon 4, June 2007

Hi Rui!

Can’t wait for the new vSlider theme ;) Sounds really very very interesting and keep on this great work!

Michael @

Jonathan H wrote a comment on Sat 16, June 2007

Hi! Did anyone notice that WPG2 3.0 beta has been released?
And will vslider theme take account of this plugin? Will it be compatible?

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