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New year, new life, old bugs

Mon 2, January 2006 15:02:09

Most people like to think of a new year like a new start. Although the 1st of January is mostly an arbitrary date set up according to our arbitrary calendar, the feeling is real, and that’s what matters. In my case, it is VERY real, since the New Year really brought me lots of changes, most of important them being the start of a new job.
Unfortunately, because of these changes, the holidays, etc, etc, I haven’t had much time for this site, and I got quite some email mostly about vSlider, that is already pilling up.
Over the coming period I will try to get things “back to normal” (although I think that “normal”never really happens to me).

But here’s a start: a lot of people have been asking me about the problem that they only get the time on their posts, and not the date, when using vSlider. That’s very true, and there are reasons and solutions for that.
First the reason: when I was designing vSlider for my site, I had the intention from the start to use a plugin called Time Since. I was having some problems with it, and it worked much better if I only used one field instead of the usual date + time duo. So, the theme went public with only one field on the PHP code (it was working fine for me! :) )
Now, possible solutions:

  1. Change the Default Time Format on the WordPress options page. For instance, I’m currently using “D j, F Y”. WP is pretty flexible with this, so you can use date and time fields combined.
  2. Edit the PHP code and add the missing information (c’mon, it’s not that difficult! ;) )
  3. Wait for the next version of vSlider :) I’m not making any promises on when is this coming out, but I will definitely make this feature better next time around.

Hope this helps.

And Happy New Year!

9 Responses to “New year, new life, old bugs”

Dan Greene wrote a comment on Mon 16, January 2006

I have problem that’s driving me crazy. I just installed the VSlider theme and got everything working on my wife’s blog today. From the main page everything works. You can see pictures in the sidebar and in the post on the main page. (

However in any other page the images fail to appear. The box is the sidebar is there and the alt text is there, but no image. Images also fial to show up in post on many other page but the main page. (Example:

I don’t know what is causing this problem, the theme the plugin or what.Any ideas?


Rui wrote a comment on Mon 16, January 2006

Dan, can you tell me what values you have provided on the page Options -> Gallery2 -> Embedded Paths?

Dan wrote a comment on Sat 21, January 2006

Turns out it was a WPG2 plugin issue with rewrites. All is well now. Thanks for the theme:-)

Wendi wrote a comment on Sun 22, January 2006

Rui, first of all thanks for the theme and the integration with Gallery2. That’s the main reason I went with your theme because the two work together and the photo part is important for me [though a bit more color would be nice :) ].

I don’t have the photos up and running yet, but I’m having issues with just the blog itself. Would love for you to take a look at the page I’m using it on, which is and you’ll notice that the first post turns up ok, but the next 2 posts do not show a date, only a time. And then the 4th one works ok again. Also, on the sidebar, the font is WAY TOO HUGE. When you go to any other page, the font goes back to its normal size but on this page it’s all messed up. And I noticed that some of the fonts on a couple of posts are incorrect as well. I’ve looked at the stylesheets till I’m blind and the page code and cannot find any reason for this to be happening. Is this possibly just an IE problem?

I’d really appreciate some help if you have time (if you’re like me you don’t much of that) or any ideas on this.



Smurf House wrote a comment on Thu 26, January 2006

Thanks for the tip on dates. I just changed my WP theme to vSlider for the Gallery integration (very smooth - thanks!) and was going to ask about the missing dates.

And although I am a relative newbie, I was able to change the code on my site using info from the WP codex. So for anyone else who wants more detailed instructions:

1. I opened the post.html file from the vSlider folder in WP-content/themes. It opened in notepad.

2. I searched for the word “time” using the edit-find function in notepad.

3. I replaced the code


4. I FTP’d the new post.html file up to replace the old one.

Note: the WP Codex has a bunch of variants if you want your dates to look different.

Turbo Geeks wrote a comment on Fri 27, January 2006

v Slider is the coolest WP theme i have ever seen! Truely. I have used it in my blog :D Thanks a million for bringing out such a cool theme..

Rica wrote a comment on Fri 3, February 2006

Yes, thank you a million times over for this theme. Other themes were completely driving me bonkers, and I find this one easy to use for a newbie like me.

However, I’m hesitant about changing codes. Can you e-mail me with more specifics, as I finally got the page exactly the way I want it and don’t want to mess anything up.


Mark wrote a comment on Tue 14, February 2006

Gallery 2.1 RC1 is out, your theme doesn’t seem to work with this, not sure if they changed the way themes work! Just a heads up, hope you redo it for 2.1!

Phil wrote a comment on Mon 6, March 2006

This is an amazing theme!

I can’t wait for the next version!

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