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vSlider 1.0 released!

Sun 13, November 2005 23:56:59

Finally! After a lot of tweakin’ and fixin’, I officially made vSlider 1.0, my very own custom made WordPress theme, available for download. And, as an additional bonus, the vSlider companion theme for Gallery2 is also available. You can get 2 by the price of 1, which is actually 0, since all this stuff is for free, anyway :)

Check out my cool stuff page for details, and have fun!

4 Responses to “vSlider 1.0 released!”

马跃伯乐谷 » Blog Archive » 更换样式 sent a pingback on Sat 26, November 2005

[…] 以前那个基于EqujiX的样式用了有很久了。当然,WP的用户几乎每天都有新的样式发布出来,但其中让人眼睛一亮的作品并不多。今天看到了个叫vSlider的样式,觉得不错,于是刺激了更换的欲望。 […]

Ion Pagkalos wrote a comment on Sat 26, November 2005

Thank you for releasing the code to the public. It is trully a very well-designed skin

Achton wrote a comment on Sun 27, November 2005

Hi, is there a minor bug in your (otherwise very nice) theme? If I visit your category links on the right, I get all empty blogentries, just headers for each entry ..? Like this:

Rui wrote a comment on Mon 28, November 2005

No Achton, it is not a bug :)
That’s kind of the point of the vSlider theme. Try clicking the oval symbols on each post.
By compressing the posts this way, you can get a quick overview of a lot of them, and only expand the ones you want to read.

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